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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!


I don't know how that works, I guess they were like "oh here, you see that album on sale back there? That's our new album".

WELL, I DON'T HAVE IT, but I expect it'll be "online" by like the end of the night.

TOO BAD I won't be...

Today was my first 12 hour day. All my Mondays will be 12 hour days. First I go work at a place where I help people with essays. Then I have a bunch of classes. Sometimes I have like half an hour between classes. During that time I read Black Jack in the library. Tomorrow will be like a 12 hour day but at least 3 of those hours will be choir.

I am tired. I wish I could f5 all night, but I am too tired. This is a crude approximation of adulthood.

Also I have been incredibly sick lately, it is like a chronic digestive condition that flares up occasionally, and lately it has been like Tienshinhan, like, SOLAR FLARE.

I don't know why I'm telling you that.

But basically by the time I got home I felt like the world was ending

plus the madoka movie is soon and i don't even have my passport and it's absolutely crazy to try to get down to new york for sunday night when i have a 12 hour day on monday and etc etc also we lost our key to our mailbox and we don't know how to find it

Personal stuff aside today has been... stressful.


So let's look at it. At the end I will either say "whew, that's just what I needed!" or nothing, because I will be dead, because the music will have killed me.

But yeah October is off to a pretty crazy start. There's a bunch more reasons for me to believe this but I'll save those for another blog post that I'll never get a chance to write.

Wait here is a few things first:
-It's Kid A's 12th anniversary, happy b-day Kid A! Yr still my favorite!
-Crystal Castles' new track "Wrath of God" basically reads "2WW: Destroy all conceptions of how good the new CrysCas album will be. They can't be regenerated".
-120 Star TAS is at 50 stars and it's amazing


1. Come up and get me
This is very heavy static. This like destroying what I know about rhythm. Like literally this is causing brain damage. Them claps too man. And the drum coming in. This is a whole new beast. This is a beast of anticipation. Oh my god HERE WE GO. OKAY OKAY FEEL ME. In an abandoned building. Ride seems genuinely scared right now. NAAAHHHWWWWWWWWW. Those ghostly vocals. Oh my god this shouting. This is the limits of sanity and we're diving even deeper. I love that the gasping in his voice comes through. Like he sounds like like he actually might die here jesus. And then this rumbling static. Sudden closeness. I BLOW SMOKE IN YOUR FACE quoting random lines on this album nearly impossible because it takes some study to understand stuff or it's crazy fast. MY FRAGMENTED MIND, indeed. This is the sound of schizophrenia. "WHO ARE THEY? I DON'T CARE." "COME UP AND GET ME." This song had a great feel of progression and the drums coming up on this climax is really solid. This is scary stuff man I'm gonna have nightmares maybe. Some of the tones in the background, the like, hollow chimes, that's chilling. *

2. Lil Boy
This almost sounds like something else the way nightmares almost look like something else. The steel drums are forged in HELL. OH MY GOD THE TWEETING SOUND AT :30 CROCODILE RIPS OFF YOUR SMILE. OH MY GOD THAT DESCENDING SYNTHLINE SOUNDS like the roof of your head falling in. This crazy off rhythm rhyming about paranoia WHY ARE YOU HERE??? WE BURN THROUGH IT BURN THROUGH IT. Oh man this skittering beat, that is a rhythm that I can feel working itself way too deeply in my head. the chanting now even more off rhythm, it feels like the plane you are flying is crashing and that plane is reality. Things are sputtering out now. LIL BOY! That last verse had some really disturbing imagery that is for sure. And this uh hook at the end man, I don't even know. S+

3. No Love
TITLE TRACK GET HYPE. DRUMS MADE OUT OF HAMMERS BEING HIT BY LARGER HAMMERS. I don't know what he's saying. It doesn't matter. nothing matters nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaagwhugwyyyyyyhwg agwahghagwh that is the most evil synth sound ever devised by man. THE VOCAL MODIFICATION IS A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION TO NIGHTMARES, it sounds SO CLOSE, so IMMEDIATE, it is the sound of a late night phone call you can't hang up. And then that transition what the helllllll? It manages to be even scarier. ASKING IF I KNOW HOW A MOTHERFUCKER FEEEEEEEEELS. the immediate juxtaposition between street imagery and like transcendent pictures of suffering is crazy, classic deathgrips. AND THOSE DRUMS COMING UP SO RAW. now TOTALLY ISOLATED VOCALS. DOWN A. SPIRAL. STAIRCASE. And wow those churning, remorseless drums, the rocks at the shore that break the waves of sanity. AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN. Strangler clutch sine wave THAT'S GOOD. NOW YOU CRAVE MY TOUCH, wow these lyrics WOW. And everything just EXPLODES, and EXPLODES AGAIN, and AGAIN. this, at a concert, would kill every single person in attendance, for real. **

4. Black Dice
Remember the noise band Black Dice? I like those guys. this sounds nothing like that. this is like... post-noise. Did he just say "kill me now"? this is like anticon levels of suicore. AND WOW. THE TRANSITION FROM LIKE THE INTRO, THAT WAS SICK. Woah this sound, i love the drum sounds and the skittering synth. yeah he definitely said that. some beats played backwards. that's huge. wow. and like now a beat within the beat emerges. THIS SOUNDS SORTA LIKE MONKEY BALL MUSIC, it occurs to me now. like monkey ball + yume nikki + crack, lots of crack. SHUTTER FLASH HEAVY DAMAGE. lots of imagery and themes of playing dice in streets wow that has always fascinated me, that culture. does death grips give the realest talk to every subject they cover? Wow the accent on these lines, ferrrrrrrs, like, what is that. amazing. *

5. World of Dogs
IT'S ALL SUICIDE. This is like a cover to a Swans song or something. These drums are crazy. Climbing the walls #radioheads. And the drums are going EVEN CRAZIER, how is that possible, how many limbs does mr. hill have, seventeen? I love these like hypnotic vocal layers. WORLD OF DOGS. BUT I'M NOT DEAD YET. This is like crazybleak. Psychobleak. creating your own postapocalypse. Ruthless and free. DON'T TELL NO ONE NO ONE CAN KNOW. FEED ME TO THIS WORLD OF DOGS. Seriously some of the strongest imagery from deathgrips and that is saying a LOT. "I FEEL NO PAIN. I'M OBSOLETE." *

6. Lock your doors
This almost sounds like an actual beat that an actual hip hopper would use if he was GODDAMN CRAZY. "I GOT SOME SHIT TO SAY JUST FOR THE FUCK OF IT", intense. I don't know what that shit is though, dem dangs? These screams whaaaaaaaat whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, stalactites destroy through your neck. this is sinister beyond sinister. this is the sort of stuff they exorcise for. LIGHT THE CANDLE/BURN THE WAX, why is this so haunting? it's the way he says it i 'supose. seriously that like, demonic wind in the background, how does a band even begin to make that sound? did they study under sunn O)))? I love these echoing shouts. Seriously just close your eyes tight and listen to that, it sounds like everything is ending. And oh man this broken, stuttered ending, 2spooky man, just like 3 or 4spooky. Probably going to actually lock my doors tonight. **

7. Whammy
Oh man this was the like almost speedcore like electrodistortioncore I was missing from the deathgrips package (lol album art joke). This is perverse in a way you're afraid to identify. W-w-w-w-w-w-WHAMMY! mc ride for next game grump. This is nice though this is really bouncy and flowy. I love these vocals coming in, what is he saying I have no idea. Feel me coming out of your stomach? Jesus. Wow. What? W-w-w-w-w-whammy indeed. I feel like you can hear him getting closer and closer to the mic. And woah when they drop the effects on the sample, i love when they do that trick. this isn't on the tier of the intro to punk weight tho. "your head in my hand. my hand on my W-W-W-W-W-WHAMMY", lol. death grips can be funny don't you forget. S

8. Hunger Games
hey I know this one it is battle royal 4 babbies. Wait no i don't know this at all. this is so isolated, so remote, so r-r-rugged and raw. this flows better than it ought to, you know? like this song has like three elements and none of them work together and yet this is definitely a song, a banger at that. SHE'S HELICOPTER #new gybe shoutout. mc ride straight up stomping OF on the the mixture of hilarity and like... terror. I GOT THAT FEELING. ZERO FEELING. CAN'T STOP STEALING. What is this. What is this. What is happening to music. Who could have dreamed this even last year? The people listening to Foot Village did not know the people listening to the crazy man downtown with a paper bag. Now they are. S+

9. Deep Web
TITLE TRACK 2 SO HYPE OH MY GOD THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD SO, SO GOOD. so much production, so much wow. WOOP WOOPWOOP WOOP WOOP. REACH FOR THE HALOS, wow. Wow. Guys this is like if every rumour about the deep web was real at once, this would be the music that played. This two layer vocals is just crazy. Just. Crazy. I am having a hard time coming to grips with this. vocals only on the right track? SURE. absolute maniac music. amazing. amazing. ***

10. Stockton
There is a sound that sounds like a saw made out of electricity sawing into my brain along with a ticking and the sound of a cannon or something. And a crazy person is shouting something crazy. I'M 'BOUT TO LOOP? I have no idea. and then this sorta lazy drawl flow like, so scary, so authentic, MINUTE AGO I WASN'T SCHIZ BUT NOW I'M FLIPPING. I'M FLOATING, I'M DRIFTING.... I'M BOUNCING. WOOP. WOOP. This is like, beyond all sort of criticism or parody or commentary. This is a man who has at most a passing interest in absolutely everything that exists in my reality. oh man that sort of pain being heard in the sound, those electric sounds, what is happening. heavy heavy heavy heavy. S

11. Pop
Woah these like ascending spiraling intoxicating deep deep deep grey sounds, those little rhythms, AND THEN THAT CRAZY CRYSTAL SYNTH FLYING AROUND EVERYWHERE. "ass-backwards motherfucker", incest charges levied against innocent listener. Pop, pop, pop, pop... And wow the doubling up on the synth this is like if CrysCas replaced Alice Glass with Alice Glass after a lot of more drugs which is saying a lot and shredded vocal cords and oh my god no not actually this is really unlike anything else. Seriously the synth line with mc ride just stuttering "pop-pop-pop-pop", that is like, finely crafted, i have no idea how they could assemble that. *

12. Bass rattle stars out the sky
This title sounds like a GYBE track title if Moya had a severe mental breakdown. And this song sounds like death grips and basically nothing else. Black google reference I caught that but I don't understand it. Two thumbs disappear three eyes gonna murc you... wow. And that sound in the background, it sounds like an anti-siren, like the sound something makes when it makes you not want to understand... rapid fire spitting. robot overlay. bass rattle stars out the sky. more like... bass rattles brain out of head. same deal? AND WOW THE HAND CLAPS AT THE END, THAT IS... THAT IS SOMETHING BEYOND A MERE GOOD IDEA. *

13. Artificial death in the west
here we go back to a sense of anticipation instead of HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING/ENDING AT ONCE. This is... wow. pyramids on deck... shine! what does any of this means i have don't know? and then these synths in the background... they're so lush, so real, and yet they're presented in a place of so much static, of so much... this all really feels like it ought not to exist. the single syllable shouting again, no other rapper can do that. "my reflection - i wasn't in it" every line seems to be on this tier. wow. back to the beginning feeling at halfway through, oh man, whenever they bust out the like, actual song structure, something is gonna go nuts. WATCHING ME, WATCHING ME WATCH THEM WATCH ME. that basically says it all. fucking with me... FUCK IT. this is like... death grips space opera? i have no idea. "feeling like i'm chasing after me..." these ideas are just so haunting, so almost tangible. no matter where I turn: SHUT DOWN! SHUT DOWN! back to the hook again. artificial death in the west... east? what does it mean? i must know. someone must know. perhaps even he doesn't... but it means something, so the knowledge... must exist... somewhere... down there... watching them watch me... and the ending... very nice. very well done... i don't know. i don't have much i can possibly say about that. **



this lived up to all the alternate reality game hype
this justified missing the show in toronto that i prolly wouldn't have gotten to see anyways

seriously if we're calling Odd Future horrorcore - and don't get me wrong i like OF and all but that's mostly cause i think a lot of the rappers in there are dang smooth - but yeah if that's horrorcore it's like... scream vs. this being exorcist or the shining or something... i have no idea...

who would have guessed they'd get so much less mainstream on their breakout potential. like, the money store had some stuff that could at least be called a song to the average guy but here song elements are routinely so scattered and broken and disjointed that it is basically like, unholy, like... wow, geez... and at the same time it seems so much more like, united than the money store, like, more cohesive... i dunno, i don't know how to put any of this

...some guy on /mu/ has the new gybe... i guess i'll listen to that tomorrow...

...and i guess the album art for nldw was posted on /soc/ yesterday?

nothing makes sense anymore, goodnight blog.

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