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Live Review - Starbursts "Very Berry" Flavor

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TYBG. That was largely due to my (relatively) popular m b v review. Relevant content that people might look for.

Today we don't have that:
Today we are going to describe a candy in way more words than is necessary.

Do you ever feel like the inherent contradiction (taking delight in the novelty of "noncontent" while also trying to generate/appreciate  "good art") you allow (nurture?) in yourself is somewhat (really?) limiting to any sort of productivity? ("Oh, my bones, they are gone, gone, gone.")

Yes and no ("Take my bones, I don't need need none.")

What's up with Starbursts?

They are basically my favorite candy. I think I posted a tier list of their flavors awhile ago but I'm too lazy to find it.

Yesterday I went to the convenience store that stocks American candy and found an EXCITING NEW FLAVOR but I think really it's just the old "Berries and Cream" flavor again.

Said "Berries and Cream" was for awhile probably the best flavor out there but it was pretty handily surpassed by "Sweet Fiesta", which is like, the Ravnica of flavors, GOAT, etc, etc. And we have been pretty lucky that "Sweet Fiesta" has stuck around long enough for me to buy untold bags (plus three cases!) of it but it is nice to have a little variety. "Summer Fun Fruits" was pretty good but seasonal. "Morphs" was OK but I'd never get it over Fiesta. "Fave-Reds" is an abomination.

So right now I'm basically on Fiesta-only... sometimes Tropical, but only the one where the Berry Punch is replaced by like... well, I can't remember, it might even be Kiwi again, like in the original Tropical, but anyways it's hard to find either way. So far I've only found it one place by the bus store. But yeah point is I'd like to have a secondary flavor for some variety and will this new Very Berry be it who knows let's find out etc etc.

Starbursts - Very Berry - Live Review

Packaging: I love it! The dark blue is really nice, as is the colour scheme on Berry. Maybe the fruit picture is too cluttered, blackberry seems like... an afterthought or something.

Raspberry: This is a nice deep red. Raspberry is one of the hardest flavors for a candy to get right so I'm not all that optimistic about this. Raspberry was easily the worst in the original Berries n Cream. It had a sort of medicine sweetness. British Starbursts do flavors like blackcurrant and NAIL it because they're not afraid to make a tart candy. American Starbursts need absolutely every flavor to be sweet and some flavors just don't work when they're this sweet. Alright gonna eat it. Wow these are so soft! I think they had just been put out, they weren't in the system yet when I tried to buy them. But yeah the flavor is OK. I want to say they improved upon the original but I don't remember the original that well. I don't get the medicine feel as badly this time. Gonna try another one. That time I was distracted by SOFTNESS. But yeah this is pretty good. I wish there was more tartness or tang. Heck they've gone way tangier before. This seems to have the "cream" taste of the berries and cream, hmmm. I wonder if it's just berries and cream again. I bet it is. A-

Strawberry: So since this isn't "Strawberries and Cream", but just "Strawberry", it should taste just like OG flavors Strawberry? SOMEHOW I DOUBT IT. The packaging is even different, a more vibrant pink than the paler OG flavors. Yeeeeaaah this is DEFINITELY "Strawberries and Cream". Which is REALLY GOOD, because that's probably my second favorite of the old Berries and Cream - maybe third, but a really solid flavor. Very creamy and sweet. Like... it reminds me of how the Japanese do a Strawberry flavor, like... a sort of delicate sweetness. SUPERB! S+

Blueberry: This was my favorite in Berries and Cream, hands down. The blue packaging sets the stage for a subtle and unique flavor that, like the best candies, suggests Blueberry without trying to shamelessly and futilely ape it. It drives the saliva glands wild and seems just way way too short. It's a very well rounded taste without being too overbearing. It's tantalizing and addictive, feeling just outside the grasp of satisfying memory as soon as it finishes. This would probably make my Starburst all-star pack with... Kiwi Banana, Mango Melon, and Baja Dragon Fruit. Interesting that no Fiesta fruit would make it despite being the best set overall... I dunno, I have to give this more thought. But yeah this is the exact same as it was in Berries and Cream, and, like then, I wish I could get a pack that was just all this. **

Blackberry: This is where the pack really deviates from Berries and Cream, 'cause Berries and Cream had "Mixed Berries and Cream" as it's fourth flavor. I think they're the exact same colour though - a really nice rich dark purple - and might even taste the same. Like with Raspberries I have some doubts about US Starbursts's ability to pull off this flavor. It just seems to hang too much on the tartness/tanginess, which US Starbursts really avoid, especially if they're doing this whole Cream aesthetic. Anyways here we go. Oh wait I got distracted by Mahjong and didn't pay attention (it seemed good) lemme try again. Hm yeah I like this. I don't know if it really has much to do with Blackberry but whatever. It has a lot of interesting things happening but they're all very smoothly linked. There's a wholeness to it which is good. I dunno though at the same time none of these tastes specifically is like, driving me wild or anything. A+

Overall: Yeah pretty sure this is just Berries and Cream repackaged and maybe Blackberry is slightly changed from Mixed Berry, I dunno. Still though that's... fine, I guess, I'll buy it from time to time, but this is not a replacement for Fiesta by any stretch.

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