Monday, March 31, 2014

Song of the Day #1: A$AP Rocky - Shabba (Remix)

Hey, you tried this once before!

Yeah, and I got sick of it, or whatever... let's see if it lasts longer this time. I think it could be fun. Plus content on the blog. Starting off with something I still go to on an almost daily basis.

A$AP Ferg - Shabba (Remix)
The original was pretty insanely catchy and this just takes it even further with Busta Rhymes, Migos and the eponymous Shabba... we lose out on Rocky's verse, which was my favorite part of the original, but Ferg's new verse does the Rocky sort of flow better than Rocky's ever done, maybe... certainly better than I've ever heard Ferg rap before. "Yellow hood rats like Pikachu" is hilarious, "I'mma get the bread when I'm breathing/I'm the a rookie of the year and you better believe it/I be barking like a Que like I'm very collegiate/Like I'm Pedigree eating" is just like... insane flow. This is the song that finally got me really into Migos too, before I was like "some guys with triplets or something" but when you hear "Quavo, old money Sega Genesis" you have to be a fan. Busta comes in on some real Busta Rhymes sorta shit, same with Shabba... they just do what's expected of them and prove why that alone is a big deal.

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