Thursday, May 8, 2014

Song of the Day #14: Beyonce - Drunk in Love (Kanye West Remix)

Woo! Two weeks of song of the day!

To celebrate here is this really amazing song that has been out for several months now but I am still totally addicted to.

Okay so the original "Drunk in Love" is a really awesome catchy song, great beat, great power in Bey's voice, Jay-Z's verse is super fun (and has the "eat the cake, anime!" line which is just... thank you so much Hov, plus: "I fucked up my Warhol", haha holy shit!), all good. And Kanye obviously recognizes that, leaving the entire song unabridged (but with a sweet bassed-up beat) to play after his verse. But it's his verse that's really the winner, I think. I love the rapping on Yeezus, probably way more than just Kanye verses on average. He went against almost every convention of flow and the album was better for it. But oh man on this it feels like that whole time he was just really anxious to spit some real bars. This is one of the best Kanye verses ever, I think. It's corny and vulgar but sincere in that insane, overly grand way that only someone like him can pull out. Him and Kim is like one of the best celebrity relationships (after Jay-Z and Beyonce though). The most addictive part is right at the start, though, which, given that this song is like 7 minutes long, really makes this dangerous to my productivity sometimes. But when that bass comes in and Kanye shouts what I think really is an instant classic line - "You would never need another lover/'Cause you a milf and I'm a motherfucker" - that's just perfect. Is he the first person to come up with that line? Probably not but I'm not gonna look it up because I want to continue believing that he is. That's the sorta line that should get chiseled into a marble statue.

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