Sunday, May 25, 2014

Song of the Day #28 - Schoolboy Q - Hell of a Night


I had a phase where I was listening to Oxymoron a lot. And then a phase where I was listening to "Collard Greens" on repeat a lot. Now I'm in the phase where I'm listening to "Hell of a Night" on repeat a lot. This is a really sick song, the mixture of the fast snare, the background vocals, the heavy bass, the synths... it's just a perfect flow for like, a really unconventional flow. Man like the confidence he can have on this sort of flow, how it can sound so powerful while trying so many rhythms etc. I especially like when he throws in the "go" or "fuck with me" at the end of lines, just that added little punch, but he always says it so casually, so naturally. Just so much raw skill on display here, it's completely addictive. It's like watching a kung-fu movie or something.

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