Monday, June 23, 2014

Song of the Day #51 - Ab-Soul - God's Reign ft. SZA

These Days...
This leaked today, listened to it once, enjoyed it. I dunno if I liked it as much as Oxymoron but it was pretty close. Maybe it isn't fair that I automatically compare the two, I dunno. Oh man though TDE is going nuts this year, eh? If Kendrick's rumored 3rd album comes out by the year end, like, what other crew could top this? But yeah, These Days... is solid as hell, definitely gonna relisten. I really like the variety and the subject matter is super interesting. He also does this sorta thing where he like, cops a famous flow for a few bars... he does a bit that sounds like "Love Sosa" and a part that sounds like "Hail Mary"... I really like when rappers do mixups like that. Right now my favorite track is still "Stigmata", such a heavy banger. This is maybe second place, just nice tight rhymes, a smooth beat, SZA's feature game just keeps getting better. His flow is really sweet here, there's a verse where he's like "I say cuz around bloods and I say blood around crips" and "got Mary, got Lucy, got Molly, that's wifey, girlfriend and mistress" and "pop a xan', forget it", so many great lines. But then he also gets some thing going about putting literature in her Louis Vuitton and that's like ehhh lol.

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