Saturday, July 5, 2014

Song of the Day #58 - Lil B - Rick Ross


Whoops song of the day has been kinda MIA for awhile. I was busy for a few days and then I kinda... forgot about it, lol. Sorry to all(?) the dedicated(?) song of the day fans(?). Anyways I heard this this morning and I was like oh yeah song of the day we gotta bring that back for THIS. He says it's a Migos diss and I dunno this is sorta a Migos-y flow... but when he shouts "Figaro!" that just makes it for me... that seems like such a perfect escalation of stuff like "Versace!" or "Hanna Montana!" or other classic Migos ad-libs. Lil B wins, that is the best one. I hope someday everyone acknowledges all the swag they've stolen from Lil B over the years.

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