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Live Review - Rich Gang - Tha Tour Part 1

The AOTY is coming!!

I have the datpiff countdown page open. 50 minutes remaining. Possibly my two favorite rappers of the moment, Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan (and I guess Birdman is hanging around, despite being I think literally twice their age), sharing this intimate mixtape together.

There will be EMOTIONS. There will be HILARIOUS LINES. There will be WAVEY BEATS and BANGERS and BEATS THAT ARE MOSTLY PIANO. Every single song with these two is fantastic seriously look: LifestylePull UpGet TF Out My FaceTell Em (which just came out now and I hope is on this mixtape)MamacitaShe a SoldierGymthis clip of Sheesh (which better be on the mixtape)... these are all godly tracks, stuff you can play over and over and over and still get all caught up every time and want to sing along.

Pretty excited for this one, eh?

Young Thug I think has been pretty solidly the artist of the year in my mind, but he's been losing ground a bit recently to other genres. Check it out:

This is some sort of crisis situation. I feel like there's a new Young Thug track basically every day, but those I usually download and then listen to a lot on my iPod, which can't beat the full-album playthroughs on my equipped computer. So I'm probably still actually listening to way more Young Thug than anything else, but it wouldn't appear that way to... um... anyone who would go look at my

Seems unimportant, maybe. But it's important for me to not just like Young Thug, but to signal to the world, in every way that I can, that I like Young Thug. Young Thug, to me, is the pinnacle of a new wave of hip hop, one that isn't about cleverness, that isn't about moral message, that isn't about lyrical content at all. And at the same time, it isn't just about the beat. It's about a cohesive emotional impact, where you can understand the feeling of the rapper without understanding a word he says.

And these aren't really sophisticated or complex feelings, but powerful ones, primal ones. Feelings of triumph, contentment, satisfaction, play. And then sometimes very illusive feelings... simple feelings you can't quite get into words... feeling some type of way. There's a certain... comprehensiveness to this sort of emotional perspective. You feel like these rappers could handle the most overwhelming existential crisis or vulnerability of identity with the same mastery and immediacy as the feeling of bustin' out the bando or feelin' like a cantaloupe. Or like how Mark Kozelek can handle meeting family after a death... immediacy, honesty, humble confidence, masterpiece. This is more of the least pretentious music of all time. It's absolutely based. It's a good litmus test, where people who like Young Thug understand the meaning of life and people who don't like Young Thug are just animate bags of garbage. Or something.

24 minutes remaining!!

Will this be the album that unseats 1017 Thug as the definitive Young Thug experience? Can their mindboggling team dynamicism on Pull Up and Get TF Out of My Face carry through the album, or will it be more separate verses? Will Metro Boomin produce some tracks? Idk man. I'm gonna go put my laundry in the dryer.




uhhh what is going on

I guess I'm just gonna refresh over and over.


livemixtapes has it coming out in 38 minutes

but I have to go to work soon ;_______;

I'll listen to this after, I guess. I'll still download it as soon as it comes out, though. 6 minutes!!! I guess it was always supposed to be 5:04, cause that's Birdman's area code or something, idk.


and livemixtapes is so slow cause I don't wanna sign up lol

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omg i'm so excited here we go omg it's an hour and a half long omg i don't know if i can handle this

Rich Gang - Tha Tour Part 1
Live Review

1. Givenchy
Damn... this rich gang lifestyle... stunna blunts. NEVA HUNGOVER. This is what Birdman is good for now. He's good at this. So many letters lmo. This beat is solid man... nice and low. Ohhhhh, yes, omg, that falsetto singing. It makes me so happy and so sad. Emotions overwhelming. Omg this flow, Givenchy?! That is fo sho is fo sho. Baby girl whatcha know about that? Thuggers on his completely nonsense flow, RACKS, RACKS. Let me put something right up under your nose, damn. These sort of lines... The way his voice explodes halfway through lines like, so suddenly... Young Thug can make a track that's 100% sentimental rambling about some girl and it's omg this is so good. Omg he's getting so intense now. Jesus. Never ever stop going in. "I'm an animal, you know that I got stamina", yeah, indeed. And back to the Givenchy hook... sick. OMG the stutter on "that", omg dj swamp lmao. OCTOBER 31ST! *

2. War Ready
Quan man "I feel like Osama in this motherfucker", damn. Omg this beat... that melody with that heavy bass, I want to hear this as loud as possible. These flows man, every time there's the "Rich Gang" sample that's all autotuned and stuff, I love that. I feel war ready now, I feel ready for anything. "I see that red light, that mean she just left a message", yeah I guess. Slime! See like at 2:30, they always go for this sorta next level flow, they can't help themselves, they hear a beat and they must go in. "Like my mufugin birthday" haha sweet. S+

3. I Know It
Hahaha this beat. This is nuts. I love this staccato sorta sound. With these blatant and cheesy samples. Wooo! "I can't hear what you saying right now my weed too loud I know it", idk if that makes sense. Haha omg his flow at like 1:10, this like, twin chopping with the beat, but desynched, this is the exact sort of aesthetic unity I love about this whole project. "Lotta niggas hatin on me I know it" man like, what an amazing attitude. "I'm a shootin star go ahead baby girl make your wishes" haha. Intense and oh man this outro, I knooooowwwwwwww itttttt, I knoooooooow, I knowwwwwwwwww it. This sort of singing, I feel like this is a complete innovation of these guys, like, who else does this sort of thing? With that sort of feel, that sort of spontaneity? S+

4. See You
Ooh menacing beat. "I got the streets in a headlock", damn. Ooh the little synth line at :35 is really slick. That's some aphex twin stuff. This is some sinister rapping stuff man. I can't understand any of this right now haha. But these little piano melodies... so nice... omg. "Fuck you baby just like Uncle Sam said"???? At 2:30 there's a really sick ad lib. Lol skating like Lupe again, Quan love saying that for some reason. Hahaha omg he flipped up the started from the bottom rhetoric. Solid stuff man. If every track on this is so good like what can you even say. What could anyone complain about? S+

5. Beat It Up
Turn me up a little bit so I can hear my voooooooice. Omg I ship these guys so hard lol. Neeeeeayyyyyyahhhhhhh, I have no idea what this means. "Put your bitch to sleep, Tempurpedic" Hahahaha really? "Niggas talkin beef, eat it up cause I'm hungry" wow that's a good one. shhhhhhhh too much talking. Haha. This is so sweet. "You a picture I'ma hang you wall and hammer the nyaaaaaaaaaaail" hahaha. "And my diamonds come wet like a fish tank", oooh the echo effect here is really solid. Okay so I've heard this two daddies, this a real union we family line like four times now and I still can't understand any way that it isn't gay. S+

6. Flava
Ohhhhhhhh this beat. This is Sheesh, I think, but retitled. WE GOT LONDON ON THE TRACK. omg. this flow. Omg these falsetto doubles, and then Quan's heavy solid flow. and this beat! this beat is too crazy!! how is it happening? Omg trading lines yes these guys are so good at this they must be in actual love or something. Idk. Gay rumors are honestly whatever. I just like how much drama every aspect of their careers generate. And we're living like flaaaaaaaaava. omg this beat it keeps changing and every time. All these drugs got me throwin up! "Pull up on your ass like a diaper" i mean cmon what huh. This hook is crazy... they always have these awesome structures where it's like many recurring elements but a sense of progression... like, this beat is always moving to COMPLETELY UNPRECEDENTED areas. this is getting insane, like, how are they STILL GOING IN? sheesh! SHEESH! OMG the vocal effects at like 4:20ish. This is too good, way too good. flaaaaaaaaavaaaaaaaaa. I love this beat so much omg. **

7. 730
Cut your hand from counting too much money, damn. Oooooh, oooooooh. Okay yes. London on the Track is a god tier producer CONFIRMED. Those sirens are so perfect. omg the panning of the drums is so good. I can't get over this. Every thing he's saying man. He just said some completely insane things. Whenever Young Thug gets into the chirp chirp chirp thing man I just want to go wild. I don't know what it means to go 730 but I think I'm going 730 right now. Waaaaaaaah, Sliiiiiiiiiiime! 1 2 3 4 5 6 I go 7 30. omg. what does it meeean. Others go 630, or bitch 30. I see. *

8. Hate I
OMG HE SIGHED AND SAID "I HOPE I FALL IN LOVE". omg. Rich Homie Quan is literally my soul mate. "I know they hate I made so much money this summer", "I just want to liiiiiiiiiive", this autotune man, this is so beautiful, so many feelings expressed. omg... doing it for his grandpa, his nieces and nephews... Like when he says "I just want to live", don't you believe it? S+

9. Tell Em (Lies)
Oooooh, ehhhhhh, I heard this one before, it's really sick. It's basically just Lifestyle more lol. Quan singing the whole time is so good man. Whenever they use the "and what?" adlib I'm really happy. "She say she can do the same thing as five bitches [...] so I fired the other five bitches" haha. they're so in love. This is so smooth... so hypnotic... And yet they also GO IN on a song like this, such lyrical athleticism. This is like... everything I ever wanted Drake to be I guess. Fun Drake. The expressiveness at the end here... So sick. Birdman has to say some stuff cause we're halfway through. He sounds like a bored DJ Khaled. *

10. I Got
oooh... this beat... intriguing. turn it up. this little tune man. "And I'm a prince, I don't wake up like the rest do", idk about what this means. "Baby give me hat, oops I mean head", and lines to this effect, haha omg. This beat is ridiculous too. The vocals. "I'm gonna protect your heart just like a vest do". oh man this is uhh... peewee longway, I think. "Why that bitch move like a mongoose?"?? geez, I dunno. "She eat up the wood like a termite" hahaha. Peewee Longway just goes way too far in every time he shows up. Is he a machine? A going in machine? WOW AND WE'RE ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH THE MIXTAPE. I'm so excited. S+

11. Milk Marie
Again man, this beat is totally nonsense... Milk Marie, a story of love... Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. This is so romantic. "My money eight feet tall to a midget" haha. "I want you for who you are", man... positive messages. But also "I'm trying ta get nut, just like a squirrel", this breakdown man... all these emotions... everything... this spoken word man... he's so real right now. these are the realest rappers of all time. S+

12. Imma Ride
This seems pretty intense... subtle beat but like... "She pull up and fuck the crew like she conniving", hmm. Wait, who is this? Is this Birdman? It isn't like, obnoxious enough lol. I don't care for these comprehensible bars man. I need more raw energy. Thugger back on the hook. Wait and who is this now? This isn't Birdman, I think. Who are these rapper ass rappers? Are they even having a fun time right now? This is alright but not huge. Young Thug can go wild on this beat though, anticipating his verse. I have no idea what he's saying right now. Okay yeah this is how you rap in 2014. "I'm banging red like strawberries", "all my diamonds green like lettuce", haha back to the hook I guess that was it. Umm... not enough Young Thug/10 lol and then promotions 600 SONGS RIGHT NOW! A

13. Everything I Got
Okay wow I fell in love with this beat already and I am just falling further and further in love. "What happened to you to make you feel like this?", "I can't feel my soul", daaaamn. Quan exposing everything right now. And yet rapping with such a level of godly flow... Everything I got... oh man and this breakdown. This is an important message to him man. Everything he got, he got on his own. Wow I can't get over this beat. "I know that I gave all that I got", like, these sort of messages... you can't dismiss this. It isn't a joke, you know? "Every bitch I fuck fall in love". Good stuff man. Everything, everything, everything. S+

14. Keep It Goin
omg this beat too. This beat is also insane. And this sweet flow... And I freeze em out sub zero, dynasty dynasty. "I put on my ice and they likin this", "I got more water than Tennessee." So many flows, so many vocal effects, like drifting through multicoloured water. Every time you think he's stopped he just flips it up and the beat changes and we're right in with the beat. Omg drinking and eating samples. "Bitch you know my diamonds wetter than a sank/every time I come around bitches faint", omg he's so intense now, he's blowing up. glock glock glock! "It's a shame I yell at these niggas until I lose my voice", he's just keeping it going nonstop wow. "Milk these lil bitches like a mufucking farmee", I have no idea what this means. This beat is insane. Wow. S+

15. Bullet
Haha this beat. This is so silly. "Just met a lil bitch with a long name, motherfucker had more letters than Tennessee" OMG RICH HOMIE QUAN. "I gotta lotta bullets, yeah, I gotta lotta bullets", "I got so many guns on me, I think I'm a bullet". Any time Young Thug does an adlib over Quan's lines I feel SO HAPPY, a great joy bursts forth. CLICK CLICK BANG. trading lines, this sort of laid back flow, so powerful, so much confidence. "I go gorilla in the pussy", this is the best hook of all time. I really cannot get over this line about the guy with a long name. I cannot comprehend it. and more promotion ofc. *

16. Freestyle
Is this gonna be a freestyle? omg the violin!! hoooooooly cow. Quan. omg. "Don't be a fool, be a man". Aaaaaaaaahhh. This is so good and thinking about Thug on this beat is driving me insane. but omg Quan is going crazy too. "That my brother, same mother, different daddies", lol. "Tell me what you spent, nigga I spent some more." man I hope Thugga is on this one. omg. here we go. "I'm on Quan medication, he got pain pills", "Do my chain hang all across the globe?"... Quan back in... these vocal effects man, these ooohhhs, shoutouts to condos. wow. these are tender, beautiful verses, full sincerity. Dang. **

17. Throw Your Hood Up
sony diiiigitalll. What what, nigga what what?!?, "I came right out of Haiti with rabies and scabies on my babies", no way I just heard that omg. Idk who this rapper is but I like him a lot, this sorta raspy breathless flow is cool. gang stuff, yeah, ofc. "Done so much dirt in LA they bang us in a whole different state", throw your hood up umm Waterloo Spruce St hell yeah. Wow this other rapper too. Umm... Is this the guy with the insane flow from "Nothing But Some Pain"? Yeah I think so, I love this guy. No one else ever raps like this. some real OG blood dude I think. "I'm poppin molly no X no dolphin nigga", dolphin? is that a pill pressing thing? Sounds kinda familiar. omg these entirely onomatopoeic lines. I can't get over this Haiti line. it makes no sense to me at all. wait peewee aka roscoe? Peewee Longway is Roscoe from those Waka mixtapes? S

18. Soldier
hoooooly cow this beat.  this is some E M O T I O N A L F L O W S. I have no idea who is doing this hook but I really like it. His voice is really smooth. This beat is going is completely insane. I really want Thug or Quan to replicate this sorta flow. What is this though for real is this a Daft Punk beat? The layering on this vocal track is really nice man. What a nice sentimental song... and the beat just going completely insane. But where's my guys man... this is good but OKAY YEAH GET EM RICH HOMIE. yeah. YEAH. omg the way the beat settles down at like 2:40 but Quan keeps going in is so good. and back to this guy. okay solid stuff. this outro is even sicker man... so wavey... HAHA OMG the drill rush too. they know all the tricks. and these distorted vocals and stuff. damn. *

19. Pull Up
helllllllll yeah, this song is SO GOOD. ooh this is a bit of a remix too. beat is simpler, ohhh they dropped the stuttered autotuned stuff too. hmmm. it is very different. HEY, HEYYYYY, HEEEEEEEYYYY, when Young Thug does this I grin from ear to ear. I miss the effects but this has a different sort of intensity OMG these string parts. this is too insane. this is like the FINAL BOSS remix. omg the synth line with Thug's verse at like 1:40, which is such a crazy verse already. without the effects the singing adlibs are so different, but the emotion is the same... Puuuullllllll up. omg the way they trade lines at the end verse is amazing, so so amazing. and then the beat goes super minimal again for the outro... but like... what will they do with the extra time? the extra thirty seconds? ooh yeah extended outro... with the beat going. wait no the song was always that long lol. **

20. Who's On Top
okay guys for serious if you don't want people to think you're gay you have to think your song titles through better sheesh. Young Thug going wild on this one, the beat getting nuts. "Trap going crazy, we smoking shit from Amsterdam", idk who this rapper is either. He's pretty alright. omg though the hook is so good, the beat is so crazy. really I just want Young Thug and Rich Homie to replace every other rapper on every song (not limited to this mixtape). Or at least get like Migos and Gucci Mane and them. Who's on top? Everyone's on top, so let's see who flops. Um, pause. "My weed smell like poop drops" I THINK. but I feel like that might be wrong. "Make big dogs feel like midgets", omg, his voice is so good. Alright. Good stuff. Good mixtape. lol it cuts off the "who's on top" a bit. S+

Yay that was exactly what I wanted

Idk like... lots and lots of really solid tracks. I could play this mixtape over and over again. But at the same time, not a whole lot of really huge standout tracks. Like, this is about... the minimum that I expect from these guys. Like... if a song has a Young Thug hook and three mediocre verses by Not Young Thug, I'll listen to it, a lot. That'll still be a good song. You don't really need anything to make Young Thug "work". He doesn't even really have to do anything special. I can listen to hours of him on any beat, doing whatever he wants. This goes for Rich Homie Quan, too. The quality I like in them is something that is in every single syllable they speak.

But then, some tracks, like, any time they're together, or when there's an especially good beat, or when someone else goes completely in and they revert to some sort of like, transcendental post-rap base state... sometimes there's songs that just stand far above the rest. It feels like these don't come along too often, but really it's like... a few per mixtape, at least a couple a month. These guys are way too talented. I'll probably try to articulate why a few more times later.

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