Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Song of the Day #68 - Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan - Pull Up

Rise, then stumble, on some awkward blogging

Oops wow I relaunched "song of the day" and then didn't post song of the day. Oops.

Really though all I do these days is listen to Young Thug, so this blog would basically just be the "Young Thug song of the day". And there wouldn't be any other content because when I say all I do is listen to Young Thug, I mean that very literally. I sit there and listen to Young Thug songs over and over until I figure them out. But that might make an okay blog.

This one is very good and mysterious. The way they trade lines is really tight and on point... At this point I've basically given up on the Young Thug gay rumors, but oh man Quan x Thugger is such a great OTP. Like, the way he calls him Rich Homie Thugger, his motherfucking brother, that's so sweet. The way they do adlibs over each other's parts on the hook is amazing too. Especially the way Young Thug says "heyyyy", I'd want that as my text notification sound or something but I don't get enough texts. The beat is nuts and I love the autotune stutter thing they do at the end of a bunch of lines. This is so addictive... I can listen to it for hours on end. There's just so much energy, so much emotion, so much going on. Both rappers use like three different flows each. It's one of those where you can listen to it fifty times and retain only like two lines... um, "Pussy wetter than a lake" and "When it comes to strip clubs, my favorite!" for me. It's like, an indissectable experience, you can't really extract any element in any reasonable sense... there's just the song itself. I think that's one of the big underlying appeals of this new Atlanta style, this sort of... cohesive density.

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