Friday, October 10, 2014

Song of the Day #79 - Sun Kil Moon - War on Drugs Suck My Cock

"The whitest band I've ever heard is War on Drugs"


I feel like there's nothing I could say about this song that he doesn't say explicitly in the song. And yet, there's something really bizarre going on here... mainly in the question of motivation. I love Benji because it's one of the most honest and least pretentious albums I've ever heard. But the thrust of this song - that the band War on Drugs is lame, generic, dirty, unproductive, etc - is about the most pretentious attitude I think anyone could take. And yet... this song STILL doesn't sound pretentious. Honestly. I can't smell a whiff of actual elitism here. He's not trying to convince you that he's better than these guys. He's not trying to convince you of anything. He just really hates these guys, and really hates hillbillies, and Bridge and Tunnel people. There's nothing pretentious about hate, really. He doesn't say why he hates them, what's wrong with any of the behavior. He just hates them. It's interesting. And it's a beautiful song, of course, somehow.

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