Monday, November 17, 2014

Song of the Day #91 - Young Thug - Yeah Yeah

Got a half bird in my M2...

Last night I was up late watching a Smash tournament, like, already up way too late for a Sunday night watching Fox dittos. Anyways I was on /mu/ and I was in the Young Thug thread, as always, 'cause it's often the best thread on /mu/. Like all /mu/ threads, it really depends mostly on how many shitposters you get and how much attention people pay to them, but in a Young Thug thread it's like... the shitposters are almost beneficial. You appreciate Young Thug a little more when you remember how little other people understand him. Or, like I saw in this /int/ thread last night, "I'd like to welcome any kinds of people here. any SJWs, even any Trolls. because they give me many advices sometimes even if they're trolling, with that act makes me thinking of various ways.". Sasuga, Japan.

Anyways, one guy in the Young Thug thread said he was a Rapgenius editor (???) and he needed some help transcribing the lyrics to this song. He was like... waaay off. I kinda bashed him a bit but he said English wasn't his first language so I felt bad. So after the tournament finished, even though it was like 2am, I went through and copied down all the lyrics, as best I could. It was really fun! There was a lot of clever lines I would have missed otherwise. "I ain't shoot him in the ass, but I bust his shit" lol. But yeah the point is that Young Thug is so important that I'll forego sleep to help a stranger on the internet spread his glorious message.

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