Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Song of the Day #93 - 5th Ward Weebie - Let Me Find Out

Let me find out if you been reading other blogs

This is what got me into listening to the hyper addictive BLAQNMILD mixtapes, this insane song. There was this song I really liked awhile ago, Wally World, the song about twerking in Wal-Mart. I never considered that there was an entire genre and aesthetic behind it! What a happy discovery. It's a pretty weird sort of sound when you break it down. There's a lot of repetitive elements - lots of repeated lines, a super consistent cadence and flow, so there's a feeling of almost mechanical reproduction. Even the concept of "let me find out _____" is just a re-appropriation of a 2012 Doe B song. But this structure of repetition ends up being more of just a platform, where Weebie rants about a whole host of problems in his environment in a linear, cumulative, non-repetitive structure. Many of the lines connect to each other in narrative or elaboration, giving the whole thing a strange persuasiveness. A lot of lines also "twist" previous ones, usually pointing out how the previous line's behavior was a fake pretense. The lines are super hilarious with a sort of blunt insight. It feels "relatable" even though I've never really found out anyone like this.

And on top of this, it's just a crazy catchy banger... His voice is super infectious and strong, especially when he sings a bit on the hook. And sometimes man, when the beat breaks down into that piano-type sound, it's like... super transcendent. The mixtape is full of those little moments, and it's the sort of thing that can make your brain feel feverish. Bounce music... how...

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