Friday, November 21, 2014

Song of the Day #95 - 10th Ward Buck - St Thomas


Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh... I think the threshold has been passed, and now bounce music will only damage my psyche. It creates a disconnect between my perceptions of the real world and scatters my thoughts and feelings into vague abstractions of ideas. Thus I can only see the universe as others see it through a deep, booming haze, where everything is a loop and nothing makes sense. I thought they were saying "Zaytoven!" for a really long time, like, the famous Gucci Mane producer. Obviously, it's actually St Thomas. I love when they shout it really slow... And I had no idea what they were saying in the beginning, until I watched the video and realized it was the name of an exit. At 1:10 there's a piano sample from Timbaland's "Apologize". I didn't remember that on my own, and if it wasn't for my friend telling me last night, I think I would have driven myself insane. A few seconds later, there's a reference that I will probably never ever forget in my whole life: Trinidad James' "Pop the molly I'm sweating, whoop!"... it's an absolutely radiant and transcendent moment: an stunning and inspiring feeling of triumph, where the feeling isn't in spite of or mitigated by the lyrical content, but functions through the strength of an unhypocritical duality. Uhh, I think I'm losing my train of thought a bit. And like, less than a second later, this beautiful and delicate soundscape is broken up again by the stuttered samples and bombastic drums that defines the genre. It feels like you're getting robbed of something, but I think they actually stop it right at it's peak, and the way it lingers in your imagination surpasses any form it could have actually taken. And like, the way they spam samples with such... disregard for sanity, and yet it ends up so catchy, it just makes these fleeting glimpses all the more fleeting and special. And then you're lying in bed and your head is just looping "uh oh, uh oh, uh oh", and "black biggy biggy black" and you think maybe this is a bit TOO catchy. And since I now need to start into a bounce abstinence program to restore my sanity, we're gonna do a Sun Kil Moon track tomorrow. But as a final note: "Bowfish Skit", on this mixtape, is prolly my favorite skit since "Jody Three Moons".

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