Monday, December 22, 2014

Song of the Day #107 - Young Thug - Cloud 9


Really happy that the uploader of this was 05 Fuck Em... that was my AOTY last year! What will it be this year??? Hmm... I have to figure that out myself. I'm holding out until after the new year actually starts in case we get some sudden Kanye or Kendrick or something. We got sudden D'Angelo just a second ago and p4k's list got BTFO... I can't have that sort of embarrassment!!

Anyways uhh this song basically has to be here, it's Thugger and London on da Track, who is catching up to Metro Boomin in my "Young Thug Producer OTP list". This is such a sweet beat... yesterday I was talking about how Dean Blunt's sound sounded "blunt", but this sound is pure... um... "London"? Something completely irreplaceable and unrepeatable. That tone, the depth of it, the roundness, it sounds like it's deep in some undiscovered glacier, but that inside of that glacier, it's actually very warm and cozy. Umm... Idk where I'm going with this.

Thugger does whatever he wants and it's good. I think I'm just now "getting" Lil Wayne, and it's because of Young Thug. But I think he differs from Weezy on a very fundamental level of attitude, which is key... Like, do you ever notice how infrequently Young Thug will praise his own rapping talents? There's a certain humility, or maybe unawareness, in him. I think it somehow comes out in that tender, beautiful, moment on this track where he asks for a blunt and the lighter.

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