Friday, January 30, 2015

Song of the Day #113 - iLoveMakonnen - Too Much

I'm not ready for love involving me...

Shoutouts to Andy Milonakis, the rap game Andy Milonakis. After lots and lots of consideration, I've decided this is my favorite Makonnen song. Every Makonnen classic has stuff only he could do, but I think this is the only one that everything in it is in his exclusive domain. Like, even the beat - on some levels, it's pure Metro, but can you really imagine Thugger or Quan going in over this? Okay well you might want that, but idk, there is something different here, something just for him. And the lyrics, oh man, in that perfect Makonnen space between intimately meaningful and abstractly universal... just cutting to the very essence of emotion. And that's his voice, too, and we get such an array of both his regular and falsetto voice... when it changes between them, like, all you Makonnen haters (I can't even believe you exist tbh), do you not recognize that as a wonderfully transcendent moment? Don't you feel, like I feel, the compulsion to sing along, that his voice is something achievable, that requires a sort of abandon that you can't help but give in to, and yet his voice is also perfect, unmatchable, an ideal?

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