Thursday, January 29, 2015

Song of the Day #112 - kors k - The Sampling Paradise (p*light remix)

Party people turn it up!

Lately I've been super addicted to Sound Voltex music, basically looking for the stupidest, denpaest, excessivestest remixes I can find. I think we're approaching a sort of "denpa-singularity", where the most deranged and happy minds in both Japanese and English happy hardcore-type scenes are coming together to produce, well... things like this. Look at the chart for this! What an insane game! Whereas I always felt that the better you got at iidx, the more dignified you looked... and even in like ITG or Pop'n, the feeling seems to be of skill enabling freedom or at least just looking hard work, but SDVX, at a high level, looks totally depraved.

I love the sort of remix where there's a deliberate subversion of the expected with a feeling of excess. Where like... you've heard the original so many times, and you think of the original as something catchy and hyper and not at all boring, but then the remix makes things even CRAZIER, as if they thought the original was way too dull, or something. Like The Scales of Struggle remixed as The Scales of Strangeness... the original was already designed to be an insane, over-the-top song, and then they remix it to be even crazier, making scales where there wasn't originally, and throwing in things like the little "vooop!" at 0:20. Music games are great for producing things like this, cause there's always a demand that things get harder, and that they sound harder too.

Anyways this is just another great example of that. All the familiar elements of The Sampling Paradise are here, but sped up, chopped up, distorted... stuff like taking tracks that weren't melodious and shifting them to match the melody, or doing a different synth sound every time the main "riff" is "exposed", or... my absolute favorite is at 1:00, when the riff is like, "rearranged", somehow? Instead of, umm... I don't think I can explain exactly what's happening here without drawing diagrams or something. I'm not even sure if I fully understand what's happening here. It's the same feeling I got when, after having heard Discotronic's "Tricky Disco" like 500 times, I heard their remix of "Brooklyn Bounce" for the first time, and I heard the riff that was like, almost the same... The feeling was "ohhhh my gooooood!!!!"

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