Monday, February 9, 2015

Song of the Day #119 - Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker the Berry

I'm the biggest hypocrite in 2015!

Ohhhhh man, it's happening! Again! Things keep happening! Like, I feel like "2015 is a crazy year with way too many hype releases coming" is almost becoming a cliche, stale, thought, signifying basically nothing through the sheer repetition, like that sensation where you see a word so many times that it stops looking "real". And then a single like this comes out and it knocks you back and you start thinking this with full sincerity again.

It feels like Kendrick and Kanye are swapping aesthetics back and forth - Kendrick drops the happy and "satisfied" "i", then Kanye comes back with "Only One", also from a place of contentment. But then Kendrick hits us with some Yeezusy attack-mode ferocity, dark and brooding and from a place of incompleteness and hunger... I dunno, there's a lot more to both of them, of course. It's just interesting. One of like a million interesting things about this. Like, who works harder than Kendrick? Any random 5% of this song seems to have more effort than whole songs by most of his peers. Idk I was gonna get into it more but...  man... where do I even start in this quick little thing?

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