Thursday, February 26, 2015

Song of the Day #127 - Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan - My Homie

So many crosses round my neck they think I'm from Tennessee!

Ahh, Song of the Day is back to normal. Phew! What a relief! Maybe you have heard the news that Rich Homie Quan is leaving Rich Gang, maybe you have heard that this is a blatant clickbait title, but maybe you are a true YT/RHQ fan and, after bumping this song all day, have realized that it really doesn't matter... we don't need some Birdman cashgrab project to bring these two together, we don't need really anything, like, money, or a music industry, or the internet, or whatever. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to think of what could prevent this. It's like some chemical reaction or some extreme magnetism or something: as long as these two are alive, they will make music together. Heck I dunno if they even have to be alive I think probably after they die some sort of angelic magic will resurrect them or at least broadcast their voices from the afterlife. Such is their destiny! The best Atlanta rap duo since Outkast! No, the best rap duo ever!

Seriously, listen to this! Remedy, one of the most underrated producers atm (seriously, have they ever made a bad beat? And yet they don't even have a wikipedia article!) gives us something super kinetic and fun... bouncy, joyful, I absolutely love the effect at 0:35 etc, where the synth line runs up quickly. Thugger and Quan embody the spirit of the beat in rare form, trading lines and verses with intensity and preciseness but also with a freeness and fun that seems like this perfection is natural, free, easy... Young Thug is on top of the adlib game, dropping "cheep"s, "yeep"s, and now a "chuh-cheoop". Just having WAY too much fun on these. The raw sonic appeal of this is insane. There's nothing I can really say about it. It goes beyond articulation, into some realm of indirect communication and aesthetic representation.

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