Monday, May 18, 2015

Song of the Day #140 - Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw

There's only five years left!!

Lol this video is like... there's a clips from another Busta video where he does a few bits of this song, and this guy took those clips, and put them at the right spot, and then filled up the rest with just random parts of other Busta videos. That's fine. That's pretty good, honestly.

Anyways, this song is pretty sweet. I think a lot of people think of Busta as a fast rapper but for me his most iconic flows are things like this - sheer lurching Ganondorfesque power. This is a really addictive catchy song, The part right at the start where he shifts onto the beat, between "As I get wreck and get raw" and "I be the man" etc... The fact that you know so many killer verses are to come makes the moment really visceral and powerful, you hear him lock into the gear that you know will be so amazing. Like Luffy's gear 4th or whatever idk. And the fact that it happens so early on makes you always want to repeat it, I think? I should do a study where I look at my favorite moment in each song, and see where they happen on average... I think if it's near either end the song is more "addictive", but maybe there's some other place where it seems the "best"?

I also have this weird thing with this song where I always get the last few lines stuck in my head, like:
"Days of my life goes on, word is bond
I make you feel my proton, neutron, and electron
Yo, I be the number one icon
Word to the holy Qu'ran, I rock on and on
On and on, hey, on and on and on
You won't understand when I form Voltron"

BUT THEN, for some reason, I think "Days of my life goes on, word is bond" follows that, and I just start looping that segment in my head. I can't snap myself out of it, and I often forget where the "break" actually is. And then I think that there must be a different line that follows "You won't understand when I form Voltron", like, not the closing "Everything remains raw" that takes us into the outro, but some other thing, and I can't think of it... It seems like it'd be frustrating, maybe? But instead it just feeds into the addictiveness and fun of the song!

Likewise, it's really addictive and fun to keep the sort of flow and inflection of this song in your mind in other times, like... trying to picture Busta Rhymes doing other verses in the mode of "Everything Remains Raw"... it's a skill you can develop, easily picturing this. Eventually your internal monologue might follow suit: YEAH I go to STORE to buy EGGS word is BOND etc. If you master this I can let you into the next level technique which is hearing absolutely everything as if it was said by E-40.

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