Thursday, May 21, 2015

Song of the Day #143 - A$AP Rocky - Palace

Goddamn, how real is this?

Wow I love this video. A$AP Sokurov.

If you've been living under the world's lamest rock for the last few months, here is some good news: a new A$AP Rocky album is coming soon. Long.Live.A$AP was like half huge addictive bangers and half stuff that I thought was conceptually/sonically pretty cool but I didn't really care for. So far, the material from ALLA is looking like a good mix of them both, but hey... didn't we already have that? Although it might be a bit more rudimentary than his recent music, Live.Love.A$AP has the distinctive deep, hazy, sound that we've come to love from Rocky, and he goes hard on every track.

You can see it all in this track, the opener. Nothing will ever be same after that first bass drop. I still go to it whenever I get to try new headphones, I feel like there's still depths in it to be plumbed. The structure is perfect - this Godly hook that you somehow believe just cause of how he says it, then the proof, then the question again, now entirely undeniable and worldwide. The lyrics are a great mix of self-definition through heritage and experience. He switches up his flow to show off his range, but not so much that he ever seems uncomfortable or working too hard. I get the sense that he went in it with an assumption that people would be dismissive, but was so sure of his own quality that he knew people's minds would be changed by the end of the first track. I was convinced within five seconds.

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