Monday, May 25, 2015

Song of the Day #145 - Young Thug - Spaghetti Factory

Idk if this song is called "Spaghetti Factory" or just "Spaghetti"

I keep hearing different things. I like "Spaghetti Factory" better so I'm sticking with that. We'll probably never know either way for sure. Nor will we know if this was actually a scrapped early version of Travi$ Scott's "Skyfall", or if it isn't, what it was or was going to be. That's all cause this is yet another song (we're up to a few hundred now) leaked by a mysterious user on KTT. It seems like they were part of some exclusive group where members traded leaks, WIPs, scraps, etc among themselves. And now they've gone "rogue" and/or "bored" and started dumping tracks from the stash. It started with a bunch of Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan stuff, but now some Kendrick and Drake are popping up, and he's even claiming to have Kanye's new album.

I have mixed feelings about this. Most immediate is that it's a bunch of new music that I'll enjoy and that's good I guess. And second most immediate, in direct conflict with the first, is that it's a big pain to track down and collect all these individual tracks. Plus, I really prefer listening to music in the context of an album or something - just getting a ton of random tracks from all sorts of sources is way less satisfying. Along those lines, I also really prefer listening to the definitive version of a song, the one the artist is completely satisfied with and intends to release. A lot of these tracks are obviously unfinished, but like... even the ones that seem finished, how could we actually know? Maybe they were gonna get even better! And a lot of these songs now will never see a completed, proper release, now that they've leaked. That sucks.

So I'm generally pretty against this having happened. But I am a weak man and I cannot resist when I see that a Young Thug song called "Spaghetti Factory" with Metro Boomin production has leaked. And I cannot say I regret giving in because this song is insane and having heard it, I really feel like I never would have had it not leaked, given the career trajectories of those involved and how old I feel like this is etc etc.

We got Metro Boomin on the hyperrhythmic, piano-driven, cloudlight sorta production that made him such a sensation. The weird, vaguely spasmic piano intro pushes further into the "how is this gonna become a beat?" feeling, which always leads to the "oh my god the way that became a beat was so satisfying" feeling. Thugger is on his typical grind too, with stuff like "Can't hurt me like I cut off all my nerves" hitting that sweet spot between surreal and too real. His flow around 1:20 gets uncharacteristically low and yelly, he sounds amazing with it even though we've never seen this side of him before - which is, in itself, characteristic of him. The hook is AMAZING. "I want some spaghetti like meatballs" and his various pronunciations is the perfect example of Young Thug's fun with flow superseding all need for meaning or significance.

METRO THUGGIN WHEN? I'm holding the aotyspot open for you!!

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