Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Song of the Day #147 - Jamie xx - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) [ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]

There's gonna be some good times!


In my review yesterday I made some mention of how I was worried about the pitchfork score for Universal Themes 'cause I knew it'd cause shitstorms on /mu/, but I mean, that was only half the story, and I wasn't right to not disclose fully in the spirit of Mark's overwhelming complete and total honestly. I also just... straight up care about pitchfork scores. Like, is that really so embarrassing to admit? It isn't gospel to me, but I should be big enough to admit that I do pay attention to them and make sure to give attention to albums they praise. And I'm also legitimately scared that they'll pan Universal Themes, especially if they do so for reasons I find "stupid". I think, if I really wanted to drill down into the this feeling of fear, it'd be like... some sort of empathy for other versions of myself, ones that still read p4k but hadn't gotten into SKM and then dismissed the new album on the strength of the pan... Silly, I guess? It also probably comes from some place of general uneasiness around the "limiting" factor of pans, which is a big part of why my review philosophy, for better or worse, is a sort of "if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all" "just talk about stuff you like" positivist system.

Uhh, anyways, the flip side of this coin is that I wasn't really that hyped for Jamie xx's album... like, I liked xx a decent amount but wasn't totally in love with it or anything, and Coexist was whatever, so I figured I might like In Colour but I wasn't losing sleep over it. And I had heard this single a bunch (because it's Young Thug, of course) and I thought it was pretty good but most of the appeal was Young Thug, of course. And then pitchfork gave it a 9.3 and now I figure I should give it a listen. Sure, all I did was listen to this single a bunch more times, but I will get to the rest some time I think. lol. There was a thread on /mu/ right after the review that just had a screencap of the score and "Y'know, suddenly I really really like this album". That's kinda funny, sure, but if people are really doing that, is that so bad? They didn't like the album much before, or didn't bother with it, and now they do like it. Isn't that great?

This song itself is pretty great too... I'm really excited to see a producer in Jamie xx's "sphere" that recognizes what Young Thug can add to a song. Like, any song. This has a weird sorta military beat, a smoooooth sample from an old Persuasions song, Popcaan on some dancehall shit, sweet chimes, vibey synths, tape crackle, like, a million things Thugger has never really dealt with, especially in these concentrations, and of course he just kills it. The total lack of deviation from his typical subjects and styles is endearing and reassuring and really speaks to the versatility that such a mode gives. This is a wonderful happy summertime anthem, bridging you from the bad times to the good times. Prolly gonna listen to the whole album soon i mean its 9.3 how could i not???

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