Friday, June 19, 2015

Song of the Day #151 - T.I. - What You Know

Ay don't you know I got anime by the three

When I watch waifu watch back/Aikatsu knapsack where I'm holding all the work at/What you know about that? WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?

Uhhh, Song of the Day is up to the number of Pokemon in RBY so here's a song that feels to me like it's about 30 years old, that's how influential it is, it must have always existed. I started listening to this song again a lot lately because I kept listening to MMM WHATCHA SAY for reasons that I can't explain to anyone, and the questioning nature of both choruses linked them in my mind.

This is a song, it is a good song even. Feels like everything I like in hip hop now is just people taking ideas contained in this song to various extremes. Like in the very opening lines, you can hear that everything he's saying is because of how it sounds. But then also "Louie knapsack where I'm holding all the work at" feels so good because you can picture someone standing there with a bag fulla work but if it's a Louie bag like why not. I dunno.

This is also one of the greatest videos and songs of all time.

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