Friday, June 26, 2015

Song of the Day #153 - Crystal Castles - Wrath of God

They'll strip you of your heritage!

Huh funny coincidence, this video comes from Werckmeister Harmonies, which is a masterpiece and you should watch it, and right now I'm reading The Melancholy of Resistance, which is the novel on which the film was based. I dunno if I like this video or not. I'm not sure if they were trying to make some sort of "statement" wrt the message of the film and/or the message of the song but if they were I think they got both messages "wrong". But maybe they just thought it looked cool with the song and if so I guess but not as good as that "Palace" x Russian Ark video I posted awhile back, and, as far as Crystal Castles goes, not as good as this classic.

But it's still a godly movie and a godly song so there's a bottom limit to how bad it could be. Explaining the godliness of the movie is for another, much longer, post, but maybe I can drill a bit into why I like CrysCas so much with this wonderfully representative song. I started listening to a bunch of them again recently cause I started watching Man Seeking Woman which is pretty funny and is set in Toronto and thus(?) uses a bunch of CrysCas music. They even used "I Am Made Of Chalk" which is maybe my second favorite song of theirs after this one.

"Wrath of God" has it all, though. My love for Crystal Castles has two stages: first is the "fetishy" level, where they have a bunch of synth tones and vocal styling that I really love for no real explicable reason. Like Alice Glass screaming is denpa for me, there's no other word for it. It is a diseased sort of feeling and I want to clutch it past insanity. Same with so many random melodic elements... the way the little opening riff is repeated in the lower register, the way everything starts moving more and more together, in contrast with Alice Glass's vocals...

And then I realize like... all these little things, although I feel like I like them for pretty arbitrary reasons, start to add up, and then it moves beyond a "fetish" appeal and I think "oh yeah, Crystal Castles is really good. And you look at the lyrics and yeah I guess it's edgy af but it's still interesting, and the fact that it's so interesting and comprehensible despite sounding so good when screamed is impressive. It's just impressive music all around. The more you listen to it the more that becomes clear.

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