Friday, July 17, 2015

Song of the Day #161 - Young Thug - Pacifier

Young Thug has been arrested!!

Fortunately it's gonna take a lot more than uhh all of this to keep him down, and we got this taste at what might be the next level of Young Thug. This is apparently the first single of Hy!£UN35, his debut album (after Barter 6 somehow became a mixtape). Hopefully this legal trouble won't be any significant speedbump to the release of that, assuredly the AOTY.

So is this what we'll expect from Thugger on his debut album? Mike Will production, bizarre extended analogies that make more sense to him than anyone else (seriously, think about how many things are represented by the idea of a pacifier... it's consolation, aggressiveness, dismissal...), lines like "But the community wouldn't be hatin' if they were atin'/Oops, I mean eatin'", flows that remind you of those liquid physics simulators... Classic Young Thug on the top of his game.

But then we get NEW stuff! Like now he's just outright screaming! And patois? We've seen SOME patois, but never like this. And this production, oh man... what a summery jam, with those banging acousticy drums and that garagey guitar riff, goes so great with Thug at his most spontaneous and explosive. But it never gets too bright, with seriously heavy synths filling out the bottom. This is the sorta song that makes me want to buy a car and then drive it around playing this song really loudly.

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