Thursday, July 30, 2015

Song of the Day #171 - Mac DeMarco - A Heart Like Hers

I'll never believe in a heart like hers again...

I can't find this song on Youtube at the right speed so whatever.

Rn I am like 25% "busy with school" and 25% "busy with social life" and 50% "hyped about One Piece because OMG SPOILERS BUT JESUS OMG IT'S KAIDO" and all of it is saturated with "listen to Mac DeMarco all the time". This adds up to a feeling I would call "stupid". Another One grows on me by the day, and seems to be the most straightforward album about rejection I've ever heard. There's no real existential underpinnings or extreme angst, it's just that the girl he likes likes someone else and that makes him feel shitty.

I always try to intellectualize relationships and stuff like that, trying to fight through feelings that seem complex because I complicate them but are actually just simple. And stupid. This is really all I need here. It's such a charming and simple song, the verses are so straightforward and welcoming, there's no pretense, no mystery. And yet, from that, from what seems like almost nothing, the chorus emerges! That free flying falsetto! That distant guitar! It really goes beyond all description. It is truly special. And that's all I want to say about it now.

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