Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Song of the Day #196 - Crayon Pop - ラリルレ

Hey girls! Hey boys!

As I delve further, and more and more hopelessly, into the world of J/K-pop and idols, I find my tastes trend further and further towards "12 year old Japanese girl". Crayon Pop is Korean, but always found more success in Japan, to the point that they rerecorded their first big hit Bar Bar Bar in Japanese and now have done a brand new Japanese-only original. It honestly doesn't matter much what language they're speaking in because it's mostly just non-word sounds and broken English anyways and I love it.

This is a super catchy song, like, stupidly catchy. There's a line in K-pop where things go from being catchy to annoying to me, and really, I usually prefer that they don't even approach it, but Crayon Pop completely lives there. It's the same with the choreography and outfits... K-pop always operates on a sort of cute/ero/cool trifecta system, but I find that the slightest attempt to push any quality too far, any sort of failure, immediately 180s any efforts into like... uncomfortable/creepy/lame. Crayon Pop, however, embraces the sorta childlike lameness to it, always operating under an aesthetic of just kids messing around... any ero-qualities are unintended and innocent and thus never seem excessive, any bids for coolness end up seeming cute, and yet, the overall quality of the project is so great, so impressive, that it all seems pretty cool after all.

Like I make a lot of jokes about Crayon Pop being 12 or for 12 year olds or actively regressing in age from video to video but they are also just super talented and professional. Like on one level the video and song seem really silly and kiddy, and they sell you on these immature personalities (man especially the short haired girl... too lazy to figure out her name... something about the way that she seems to be like, the "mature", "levelheaded" one... maybe I'm just making this up off of nothing... but the idea of that sort of character existing and failing, or still being so immature in any more general context, despite maybe being the "mature one" in this context... holy geez so cute) but if you actually think what it took to produce every aspect of this video/song... it's a whole lot of expert manhours. I dunno, I just think it's interesting.

Also interesting is how the video starts with just diegetic choreography, but with the costume switches and such adding a sort of unreality that still preserves some like, time and space things, but then they start going more extreme with like, stop-motion moving, the growing platforms and such... Uhh, it's interesting, but I don't know if it means anything. Like their other dances (although not as much as "FM") I have an unsettling urge to replicate most of the moves in inappropriate situations. It's a mysterious feeling. Okay but here's the REAL mystery: why does the orchestra hit sound so much like the one used in the Wess dance in Mother 3??? Okay yeah that isn't a huge deal itself like there's IOSYS songs that use the same orchestra hit that Soulja Boy uses in "Crank Dat" BUT in "Uh-ee", there's a noise that I swear is also in some Mother song but I can't think of what? Does anyone else hear that? Does anything at all in this post make sense to anyone besides me?

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