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Live Review - Young Thug - Slime Season 2

Thugga thugga, what it do?

Now that we've broken the "Joanna Newsom only" theme of the blog I think we might as well push back to our origins as a Young Thug only blog. This is an hour and twenty minute long sequel to an hour and ten long mixtape that came out only about a month and a half ago. I feel like the intent here is to collect the various leaked tracks and loose singles into more organized projects that everyone can enjoy. I have spoken before on my "am I missing out on rare, even SECRET RARE Young Thug tracks?" anxiety, and this does a bit to alleviate it. But more than that it makes me realize that he has basically an infinite backlog of tracks to burn through and could put out singles on the daily if he wanted to. If he wanted to make me that happy.

I spent a few hours just now shoveling straw, literally the most stereotypical "farmer" thing I can think of, like a child's drawing of "farmer", while listening to DJ Rashad. Before that was, of course, Divers. Now I have Smash Summit open and I'm going to listen to a new Young Thug mixtape. Life is all about contrasts I think. It's all about jagged depth and plurality. To this end, there is Young Thug, so much an entity unto himself that it everything else is cast in deep shadow of its non-Young Thugedness. And here we walk unto light.

Young Thug - Slime Season 2
Live Review

1. Big Racks
I think this whole tape is London on da Track? that would be good. awww yeah here we go "Diamonds they wet like a boat", this is it, this is the real Thug. And plup doing well against Armada too sick. Big racks like on me? I love when Young Thug asks himself to confirm the validity of the hook. 808 Mafia!! Okay Armada pulling ahead now. "Purple leaking out my gut" sheesh. "We shine, we not camfo" ? like camoflague? "I pull up with gang members not solo" indicative of a flow/attitude that seems uniquely and wholly Thug. I like how the hook is panned slightly, and then the warbly "demonic" double on the verses. "Psyche, bitch I'm shooting every person" hahaha. "A capella still I want the shit" and he goes a capella. Rip Paul Walker ;__; Armada takes game 1, sure. Apparently m2k's commentary is awesome, according to chat, I can only imagine but Thugger is better rn. I love the emotion in his voice at the end here. On meeeeeeeeeee. Great start. S+

2. Thief in the Night
LIKE THE BLACK STAR SONG! ohh and piano like the black star song! and now socially conscious raps like black star! oooh c4 has a new tag sounds nice. damn dude wowooWowoWOOWoW this opening, HOW, how is he flowing like this, every time you think you've seen everything there's new. Who is this rapper? Uhhh... I should know. There's no features on the version I downloaded. "I might drop Kimbo Slice", that is an MMA reference even I get. shit who is this rapper, he is really good. is it just thug doing a different voice? lmao. im so ignorant. WOW armada just did a sick triple uair combo. this beat is so good, any time they do this sort of piano tone i just get super hnnng. i wish i could like... conduct this. "Thugga thugga tell me what would you say?" I have to look up who this is, it's so familiar, i'm so silly to not remember. oh dude s2j vs ppu next, that's gonna be sick. that's that head i like (head meaning smash somehow). "I got fish I'm a lake", is this referring to fishscale cocaine? sheeesh. *

3. Don't Know
HHHheehehehehhAAAAA, londaaan on the track. sick. WOAH. at :23 i was NOT ready for that sound. "Look at my rollie it as cold as a friiiiidge" sick. "I don't know why but I did", these sort of attitudes that emerge. "I'm a level 5 goblin"???!?!?!? that can't be right. lol. and the way the beat keeps switching from a really punctuated thing with that wonky heavy sound and this spacey dreamy one is super slick. Okay now who is this? i have to look up the features list. "Zanny got me feeling like I'm on a ferris wheel", cute. Ah okay this is Shad Da God, who is very different than the Shad who hosts CBC's Q lmao. And the guy on the previous track was Trouble. Okay. S

4. Hey, I
Another really sentimental piano beat. I think Thug is one of the artists where I get most excited for the soft songs, the love songs. "I wanna bang like a pistol" lmao. The title alone is so sweet... "I like em red like a demon", "Every time she catch me cheating, Starbursts" ???? well whatever. there's so much space in this beat, a big grand hall sort of sound. "I put something into her stomach next to her kidney", is this song about how Thugger wants a kid with this girl? I think so. I think I get it now. It is very heartwarming and genuine and full of love. All is full of love. Yeah: "I think she ready for a kiddy", I should have realized that's what he meant. S+

5. She Notice
OMG this is the greatest producer tag i have ever heard. he should use it on all of his tracks. AND THIS BEAT IS SICK TOO. thank you to new engineer, i mean producer, weezy. What an interesting sort of flow he has created, both stop-start and segmented but also so smooth, every syllable a world of smoothness unto itself. OH, ppu and s2j is starting sick sick sick. what a great night has been provided for me. "She notice me, she notice me!", the genuine excitement here is adorable. And now a verse that has the previous segmentation strung together, the flow here is so sick. "I'm a lucky motherfucker I might just go play for the Celtics" hahahaha. Hahaha he just did like a "Pffffffbbbt" sound, that sort of horse-sputtering sound, I love that, I do that all the time lmao. s2j ppu is NUTS, lets go johnny!! ayyyy, a-aaa-ayyyy. addictive sound. S+

6. All Over
Ooooh, METRO BOOMING, the classic want some more tag. god DANG this beat is smooth, smoother than smooth. "You know I'm higher than a mountain when I do", and some patois. S2J 2 STOCK, BEAUTIFUL. s2j prolly my favorite player in a lot ways. This super distorted bridge is so intriguing. holy shit johnny is going in. this is all so beautiful. I got swag all over my motherfucking falcon. "Fake actors, we just call you puppets" interesting wrt the album art?? YA DID, aw yeah. this soundtracks perfectly johnny running right through with the 2-0 ;___; it's so beautiful. Young Thug prolly has amazing shoes. S

7. Twerk It
Young Thug making a new twerk anthem? I'm in dude. This sounds like it has all the ingredients. holy shit johnny's pressure, fuck your 20gx, 2-0, 2-stock and jv 2, hnnnnnnnnnng. pulling up like a diaper, one shot like a sniper. amazing. NEXT IS MANGO PLUP, the runback. "I feel free like a birdie", that's what it is, the freedom, that's what makes Young Thug so unstoppable. He raps like a bird sings. Twerk it twerk it twerk it twerk it etc etc. PPU is commentating now, he's so adorable~~ "I'ma mix that shit up like a liger" lmao are you serious? or did i mishear that?? "Shot to the head I goodnight her", "Every hoe I fuck I make sure she go through my brother (him first!)" uhhhh am i hearing any of this right? hahahaha ilu thugger. keep on like this please. i want nothing less. Cool breakdown at the end. S+

8. Phoenix
oh DAMN this is some... wow.... the piano... the atmosphere... a deep dark place, from which emerges the immortal firebird, who holds eternity within it? yes, that is young thug. this is his flow, it is eternal and unstoppable and forever new. "Every time I leave she just want me to stay, she just don't know how to say", awwwww :) so sweet. "Hakuna mutata, I need it/I am a Mufasa genius", damn man I don't even know what most of this means anymore. I love how the structure of this one is shifting so much... ideas of hooks and verses transcending into each other... "Only thing I told her is that she can bleed with me", dang. "Grab that dick eight ways like a motherfucking octopus" hahahahhaa. "Where the hell'd I be without my baby?" awwww man what a nice song. "You can have my son, no, phoenix" is how I'm parsing that, and it is incredible. **

9. I'll Tell You What
that boy ain't right hahahhahahaahahagAHHAHHAhHAhAHhaHAhHAhAh. "hey-ay" is so good, such an intense flow. "I'm too educated to be right here hating", hahah. This is pretty solid, it's like... he can't not be like this, y'know? There's nothing else he can do but rap like this. "I bought a Bently with the top off for my baby", smoking purple and banana. purple is a fruit. hahhaa. "These bitches draining everything out of my nuts" hmmm. S

10. Mind Right
AHHHHH that piano. Five phones. A piano solo for five phones. This glistening synth line. Damn. "Got my mind right and went got it", a good lesson for us all. And I love how the hook trails off with the piano, and then this INTENSE doubles and stuff. "My money's no midget", haha. mango TEARING UP plup rn. everything is the way i want it to be. "I might make it Mayweather like TNT"??? "Go and get it just to say you did it, my brother deaf but he moving pigeons", is this true. "All of the above no pistol", there's a rare level of intricacy to these lyrics, very mind right. holy fug mango's falco is olev. dang i wish i could play piano. or smash this well lol. *

11. Go Crazy
bbbbrazy. This beat is pretty cool. "I can't trust a fat kid, I can't trust a chicken" hahaha. "She watch me and go crazy", that is understandable. uh oh plup is catching. ahhh nvm  that's it. "My money taller than Shaq", that's pretty tall. "The molly made me sound like P Diddy", hahahaha. "I've been geeked out since I was 14 years old". I'm not sure what "pull me up" refers to. omfg mango just comboed into standing laser on the top platform. prolly a mistake but oh well. "I just spent 15 thousand on a TV, she said nothing", hahah that's prolly one of those sick curved TVs? who knows. plup is actually so good though wow. i wish i could play sheik like that. S+

12. Pull Up On A Kid
hahaha more like PLUP UP ON THE KID, well, they're tied now. this sorta hook is rare for thug but he pulls it off like anything. Yak Gotti is on this one I guess, they make a good team. OMG MANGO WRECKING ON YOSHI'S, of course. "Fresh as a peppermint" is so cute. "Told that lil bitch I want to see her top-less, like a hood", the way he spaces out top~less is so cute too. cute both in the melee sense and the moe sense. lmao mango just killed himself on some weird edgeguard thing. Yak Gotti on a funny disjointed intro into this wholly unique flow, I love it. "Playing with my slimes you won't make it to the exit", pulling up on a mail truck "If you ask me, it feel good". plup damn man, could he make the comeback? no lmao. fully charged usmash to punish recovery, kreygasm. S

13. Up
Ahh so this is Weezy's actual production tag. I like how Thug talks to him. Woah this is a sweet beat, very flowly, very eternal, all-surrounding. omg now PPMD vs Axe, that'll be rly good. "Black jack got me winning by the boats", "My weed orange like a fucking cantaloupe", like the all time classic line from the Blanguage. "Baby don't throw up" is cuter than you might think it is, more romantic. I can't get over this beat, though... just the etheriality of it. idk what the actual word i mean there is. "I promised my son a Bentley for his report card", parenting. "If she ever hit the ground I'm picking her up", chivalry. Nice. S+

14. Bout (Damn) Time
hahhaa that title is sick. this hook is sick. the shifting pitch, the wandering pitch almost. OH, ppmd is going marth, i don't think this matchup is good against Pikachu. "I'm finished while you still at the line", "I'ma turn up every time", really going in, as is PP in this game geez wait no it's even. OMG THAT EDGEGUARD. the way he switches back into the hook is so addictive. YSL RICH GANG! OMg he keeps tippering pikachu when his hurtbox gets all stretched out during up b and it looks hilarious. this is so even. this song is so sick too. FEED ME, FEED ME, FEED ME, a classic thugger line. the way his voice layers on the hook is so addictive. ppmd with a sick ken combo too. everything coming together. i am getting hungry too but that will happen at the exact right damn time i think. S+

15. Flaws
Damn, what a title. what a spooky beat. WHO ARE YOU? "I might be a lame if I don't pay that hoe's tuition" hmmm what does he mean by this. what a spookyooky beat. really cool effect, the wandering, WOAH they stuttered at the end of the "rushup", and Young Thug went in SUPER HARD, even for him!!! what is this sound omg, like this super southern, versace drawwwers. the flaws sound, y'know? awwws. so good. you can hear his fascination with the sound. "For that work I might not do it - psyche!", got me. "How the fuck you think you gonna defeat the Thugger?" and then he completely demonstrates the impossibility. "She eat the dick so much I've never seen the bitch in a motherfucking kitchen" hahahahJAhHAHAHAHAHA jfc this is insane. woah Axe up 2 stocks. this is nuts. everything is nuts. this one was a CERTIFIED BANGER, FLAWS N ALL, EVEN WITH MY PAW, VERSACE DRAWERS FOR YOUR BRA, wow. **

16. Oh Lord
Ricky racks? Idk who that is even. Axe takes a game, sick. Oh lord, oh lord. This is a sick sound, really "tight", and yet also "expansive" in potential. woah. Axe up in game 3. "Your bitch got a butt head, beeeeevus" hahaha. and then the beat goes all minor and sinister. "That's all??" an amazing ad-lib. eeeeeeyyyyyyaaaaaaaaahhhhh, awesome. oh, lord. the variable spacing. both in the game and the song. "Made your girl give me a turtle neck", what does he mean by this? Axe up a whole stock :o OH LORD! LMAO this edgeguard, 4 get up attacks in a row, amazing. blessed rn. feeling so blessed rn, oh lord. wow. axe takes it with a clean 2 stock game 3. and we get a really sinister goldeneye 64 outro. so much love in all directions. S

17. Beast
oh man that title. this underwater... underground?? beat. the HEAVINESS, the sheer heaviness, intense. "I'm gonna freak, cause I'm a motherfucking beast", yes. that adds up. "No gold card I use a trojan", I think this is about credit cards. "Green slime ball, bases loaded", haha. "Still smoking gas, eyes always looking like Chinese", a classic. "She want every drop that come out the penis" haha. man this is like... something else, this sort of beat, this sort of flow, it really feels like a beast's attack. and that warbling synth line, back and forth. oh man Kage vs s2j next, that's gonna be a slaughter. i like kage a lot, i've met him a few times, but he's gonna get his poop pushed and its gonna be incredible. "My nephew saw his daddy sent up to the sky", "If I didn't know better I would have stayed in that school", and something about voodoo? we're getting into some shit here. motherfucking beast. this vocal effect at the end is awesome. S+

18. Never Made Love
FEAT RICH HOMIE QUAN. YES. the greatest duo since outkast reunited and it feeeeeeels soooooooo goooooooooood. "She had the exact same face as my brother's nurse, and he in a hearse", this is... holy crap... OMG... trading the title back and forth on the hook, omg... it feels so nostalgic... and johnny going in... this is almost too much... Thug getting so real rn. "Booling with your partners at a party"... the atmosphere generated here... "She said she'd never waste time on me/Yeah, that came out of your jaws, I heard it", a tortured soul bared to us today. 3 stocked. my heart is being 3 stocked and offstage kneed. "I'm not cheating on you anymore I don't care"... "You know I'm a blood I fucked all your bousins", hahaha. RHQ here mostly for emotional support I think. im gonna watch a bunch of their music videos after this. the nostalgia for just a year ago is almost physically painful. hip hop's otp torn apart over some business shit. never made love never made love ;___; beautiful. ;____; **

19. Raw (Might Just)
woaaaah what is this? vaporwave beats? the treasury? who is that? "These nigga's knockoff diamonds are shining, but they aren't blinding". wow. this variable flow. this is absolutely beautiful, like actually so rich and atmospheric and beautiful that it seems unfair. like what the fuck. what is happening right now. am i dreaming? "She love me, she love me for days"... Thugga! yeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful, so beautiful. L O V E. this is a sound that could not have been created without thug but feels wholly unique even without his component. a new frontier in young thug production. "My diamonds they go boing", huh? okay. "I swear to god I'm gonna do everything I ain't did", a good sentiment. wow. ***

20. No No No
ohhh snap i hear the "tryhard birdman call". i wish it was RHQ but damn man this song has POTENTIAL. wait lol i've heard this before. well a few of them i kinda recognized but this one i listened to a bunch i remember. no no no, no no nooooo. so slick. the beat on some real like... mafioso stuff, kinda? "Bitch I'm high off substance" hahahhaa. I love how he punctuates the "no no no" hook with "uh-uh", like the childhood noise of dismissal. yeah this is tryhard Birdman, which im a fan of. he "snaps" yknow. that word snaps. my dad is cooking pizza, i can smell it, it is a good good day. I love Thugger doing ad-libs over someone else's verse, his enthusiasm is super genuine and compelling. hahah toph was in chat and i said hi and he said hi and i told him to listen to slime season 2. *

21. My Baby
hooooooooly moly. this is GOING IN, going in for your baby, thugger on DAD RAP GOD MODE. "Big racks got me walking with a limp" hahahha. "I'ma beat that pussy concrete, like a motherfucking street" hahaha. "We Kurt, no Angler"? like the wrestler? and a fisherman? idk. this is so slick though. going so far in. i want pizza >D< "Maybe catch it like a swine", like the flu? "I'm laughing at these pussies like a hyena, HA HA HA HAAA", that was one of the greatest laughs i've heard in hip hop. this one was godly. banger back and forth. **

22. Forever (Chopped and Screwed)
Alright here we go, the finale. I recognize the hook from somewhere i think. so i thought this was an actual remix? but idk i can't think of the original. awww yeah this is chopped and screwed alright. slow and low. thank you texas. "I cut that pussy barber chair" ??? oh wow it's mango and lucky vs armada and m2k, this should be good but armada2k is gonna crush poor 4 leaf mango i think. "I can't believe it's not butter", did thugger just say this? what did he mean by this? this sound works really well with thugger's voice, i wanna see him collaborate with some OG texas people now. game 1 pretty even actually. can they keep it up... forever? i wonder who did the chopping and screwing here. i wish there was more stuttering and repetition and stuff. i listen to pimpalation chopped and screwed pretty often, it's super addictive. ahhh game 1 super close! everyone on fresh last stocks! and the tape is ending! what a good mixtape!! thank you so much young thug!! ahhh the way it speeds up to normal speed at the end is so refreshing. woah they took game one!! i wanna eat pizza!! S

Winter confirmed also Slime Season

It's crazy to think how this is sorta... the minimum? Like... when you look at something like Barter 6, which is his LP-ish "seriousness", or something like the (coming soon?) Migos Thugging or the (coming never? D:) Metro Thugging, the inherent focus there... not even to mention things like Tha Tour, with the Rich Homie Quan synergy, and of course, there's the long-awaited, much-hyped Hitunes... these mixtapes are basically the lowest rung. And yet it's still so good. Even without collaborators. Even without special production focus. Even without the drive for sales or promotion or whatever. Even when it's just Thugger just sorta screwing around, we still get this.

We still get like... brand new sounds and aesthetics, classic lines, banging beats, incredible flows, relentless energy, a huge spectrum of emotions, all of them genuine, all of them touching, sentimentality, hilarity, degeneracy, redemption... We still get all of that, on every track, oh my god, who can stop this man? What a beast, what a monster!

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