Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Song of the Day #230 - Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - Little Fang

And if it ever starts to feel sad, little fang (little fang little fang!)


Last year Avey Tare came out with Enter the Slasher House, a solid enough album that was basically all sweet funky jams with a weird b-horror/cult hit/tongue-in-cheek aesthetic (well illustrated in the linked music video, or House, I guess) which is pretty cool and well done but not really my cup of tea. I think it's something that really appeals based on having a core knowledge of traditional, played-straight horror, which isn't something I'm anywhere near having. I think I can count every horror movie I've seen on one hand.

But anyways, this does have a reference base with me, it's just completely different and much stupider. Okay so do you know the anime archetype of a girl with a little fang? Here's a subreddit for it if you don't. It's actually supposed to be a representation of snaggletooth, which never made sense to me. It's considered really cute in Japan. I'm watching Yuru Yuri San Hai! this season and it's of course fantastic and one of the main characters, Sakurako, is pretty fangtastic hahahaha. Also there's Shinobu in Owarimonogatari (masterpiece) and Maya in GochiUsa S2. It's a fangtastic season. Oh, I just said that. Anyways because I was thinking about that this morning I got this song stuck in my head, which is pretty easy to do as soon as you remember any given line of it.

A bunch of really good stuff happened today: like just look at this picture and this picture and this picture and this picture. None of those pictures might mean anything to you, which is appropriate, because the relevant news of the day is something that meant nothing to me. I was browsing /r/all for some reason (procrastiloathing) and I saw a League of Legends post about some new character or something (I have no idea how League updates work), Poppy, and I was like "wow they're pandering to me/Japan now", and "hey, she has a little fang!", and then I went into the comments wondering if the subreddit would be mentioned, or maybe the song would be referenced, and they both were! It made me really happy for some reason, made all the previous events sort of "click" in a way, and made me feel like there were actually a lot of people out there that were like me, and that I could get along with, which is the exact opposite of how reading reddit comments usually makes me feel.

Okay so let's talk about the song now I guess. Girls with fangs in anime are usually pretty rambunctious, smiley types of characters, sometimes kinda "bratty". And then, the really clutch moment is if you can pull of a scene where such a character feels discouraged, defeated, and can't maintain their positive attitude, and you really root for them to be enlivened to their "old ways". I think that's what this song is about! It's a catchy "cheering up little fangs" anthem! I mean yeah that's pretty obvious when you read the lyrics but prolly Avey was not picturing anime girls. HEY, that's his loss.

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