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Everything I Wrote in 2015

I have collected and uploaded everything I wrote in 2015

It ended up being 2432 pages of content. I did this last year too and it was 2400 pages, so 2015 was 32 pages better than 2014.

As you can see in the 2014 post, I had a bunch of reasons for doing this and a bunch of reasons that I figured people might want to read it. Those are all still basically true. This year, though, because I planned from the start on eventually releasing it, my attitude was a bit different. It was more of a persistent attitude towards my work that no matter what I was doing, no matter how pointless it might seem, it would be contributing to this, that it would be making this project bigger. Of course, there's no inherent value in a gigantic dump of content - only the content itself can be worthwhile. But instead of seeing the contradiction here, it was more like a motivating loop: "what's the point of this? no one will read it/but then there's more stuff they won't read, so that's better" -> "is any of this worth reading?/there's so much of it, some of it must be". A powerful line of thinking.

Hopefully you see this project as being sort of unique and interesting. Most of the content probably won't mean anything to you but you might have fun exploring.

I'll go through the material briefly and maybe point out some highlights. Here's a complete table of contents.

Google Drive: doc - pdf

We start with all the typed content, which totals around 1400 pages. It includes all the blog posts I wrote this year, including an unpublished work in progress of my Hibike! Euphonium episode 8 writeup, which will surely eventually become this blog's masterpiece. Then it has all my school work, or at least all that I could easily find. I wrote an essay on Senran Kagura for some reason. Next is some fiction and other miscellaneous things, including my novel, the titles of all my daily comics, and some poetry and such. Then I put all the posts I made on Outsider forums, a small messageboard I frequent. Finally I included my "NEET Diaries", which was a word document I started after I submitted my last essay for school and became NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training). Here I wrote down my thoughts and feelings regarding the anime I watched, games I played, things I saw on the internet, and any other NEET activities. It grew to over 400 pages within a few months. I have no idea why anyone would want to read it but it was fun writing it. I made the cover by taking a picture of my room and then drawing over it in paint.

Google Drive: doc - pdf

Next is my daily comics, which is a journal-type thing I do where I write a short 3-panel comic that summarizes the day's events. Sometimes I forget, and I don't do it if I'm travelling or anything. I also record what books I read, what TV shows I watched, what games I played, and what music I listened to. I made the cover by overlaying a bunch of pages of comics.

Google Drive: doc - pdf

This is the first of the sketchbooks I wrote/drew in throughout the year. This one has things like "MBFTMAHGFLESHWHRICANIATTHAI!", my proposal for a light novel series; "Primeval Lagoon", an illustrated poem I'm quite happy with; and "Banger of the Year", a description of the best song imaginable. The cover is my favorite Facebook sticker tiled.

Part 1: Google Drive: doc - pdf
Part 2: Google Drive: doc - pdf
Part 3: Google Drive: doc - pdf
This is the second sketchbook. It's broken into three parts because making a file with so many big images is unmanageable. Part 1 has the first part of my Gucci Mane themed story cycle "Guccinight", a short story I liked called "Dank One", and a "Generic breakdown of one of my stories and/or poems" so you can recreate my writing style on your own. Part 2 has the sequel to "Dank One", my incomplete long poem "The Feast Never Ends", and part two of the Gucci Mane cycle - "Guccipocalypse". Part 3 has a comic recreation of Hibike! Euphonium episode 8, a "live writing" of Kanye's MBDTF, and the third part of the Gucci Mane cycle, "Guccimaggedon". The cover is something I made using Pokemon art and pictures of nebula.

Part 1: Google Drive: doc - pdf
Part 2: Google Drive: doc - pdf
Part 3: Google Drive: doc - pdf

This is the third sketchbook. It's also broken into three parts. Part 1 includes "Hot Summer", "Moments", and "The Interior of the Palm House", all short stories I'm happy with, and "Arubiter", an experiment with trying to write a lot of content as quickly as possible. Part 2 has my obligatory beach story, "Beachstory 2015"; a "mysterious" collection called "Summer"; and "Batman Unbound", an attempt to write as long as story as possible as quickly as possible. Part 3 has "Denied an iPhone by Horrible Family Yet Again", a comic I like; "Guccitopia" and "Guccihalla", the final parts of the Gucci Mane cycle; two sequels to "Summer"; and "Worms", about a 15000 year old frog, maybe my favorite short story of the year. The cover is a picture of my closet.

Google Drive: doc - pdf

This is the final sketchbook. It has "15OCT15", my longest and imo best comic; "Ouroboros", a short story I think is interesting; and "The Raccoon", which is the last thing I wrote this year (so therefore the best??). The cover is a combination of a picture of myself, a picture of my PS Vita, and the Hubble Deep Field.

Okay, that's it. Feel free to message me about anything you read. More fiction coming soon. Lately people have been telling me I should release shorter and more accessible work but it is fun to do the exact opposite.

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