Monday, February 1, 2016

Song of the Day #263 - 2 Chainz - MF'n Right

Mike told me this gon be your favorite song

A bit ago I referred to the "Mike Will flute sound" as if it was an actual thing, but it's more like... I heard the iLoveMakonnen song "Swerve", and really liked the sort of really "windy", almost "weak" flute, and then I heard it on this track, and really excitedly thought "omg, it's the Mike Will flute sound!!!" It was a super clutch moment... I had been impressed with the first track of the EP, but you figure they're always gonna lead with something pretty strong, so it was at the first moment of actual doubt that he hit me with that flute. That's hard - the little monologue at the start, reminiscing on their long friendship (they've been together since the Tity Boi days) and confirming that you're completely on the same page as 2 Chainz, and he'll bring everything you love about the beat into fruition.

And then the Zaytoven tag? Which like, you didn't even need, did you? As soon as you heard the pianos over the second repetition of the hook, you knew there could be no one else. There's something so jazzy and "session"y about the piano and the flute, that sort of casually elegant interplay. Same with 2 Chainz's flow and lyrics... it all feels wholly effortless, but because 2 Chainz has this constantly bubbling genius, the results have this spontaneous hilarity to them. Like the little section a minute in... the rhyme scheme feels nonsensical until the summarizing line of "Last name Chainz, first name 2", which is so absurd that it makes the fact he wrote the previous four lines in service of it doubly absurd. This is just a fantastic song, the whole EP is great, I really can't say much more than that. I'm getting busy with some other things so I have to start being OK with having short song of the day posts. Also probably no one wants to read thousands of words about 2 Chainz. We all know 2 Chainz.

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