Friday, March 11, 2016

Song of the Day #282 - Basic Instinct ft. Delete - Shake it Up! (Boyzaii Radio Remix)

Care to dance with me? It's not a mystery!

Alright this is a stupid one. When I was a kid, one of the ways I first got into a lot of genres and such that I didn't have much interest in otherwise (including pretty much all of hip hop and electronica!) was through... Smash Bros videos. Yup. It was Soldier of Fortune that first got me into Outkast, the Zelgadis theme in Shined Blind was maybe the first bleep bloop song I got really addicted to, and PuffStuff, along with making me a Puff main, got me into... Linkin Park. These are classics! It's almost painfully nostalgic to watch them again, back in the days before I could go to tournaments, before there really were many tournaments, when I would just grind stadium mode and watch these videos over and over, having spent many many hours slowly extracting them from my dial up internet.

They really go hand in hand, my musical exploration and budding love of Melee. The combo videos were so addictive in large part because the soundtrack was so novel. In the decade since, high speed internet has come even to the remote Canadian wilderness, and my musical tastes have gone from "curated by Melee combo video makers" to "as much of everything as possible all the time". But there was still a hole, something from that previous era that hadn't been grasped in the new one: this song.

DBR's true masterpiece, the 40-minute (!!) combo video Evolution was basically the hypest thing imaginable when it came out. I can remember having several incomplete downloads of it, the internet having cut out during the download... each time, I could see a little more. As an aspiring Puff main, I was already expecting to like King's part best, but oh man, that music??? It was like nothing else! Punjabi lyrics and a crazy dance beat and those hypnotic chords... But I couldn't find it! All the other mp3s I tracked down on like, Limewire, or whatever, getting them like 1 per day, but I could never find the elusive "Shake it Up".

It became a holy grail, something that I looked for again each time I gained some new tier of access to music, but never with any success. It's kinda fun, though, having these sorts of things. I mean, for each and every one I'd prefer to have it than not, but as the general concept, it's fun to have something to look for. I found the non-remixed version, sure. I found a lot of comments asking for the "one in King's video", yeah. But never the song itself. Eventually I forgot about it.

UNTIL TODAY, when my friend asked me if I knew what song started with "Here comes the money!", and I didn't, but I remembered IMMEDIATELY where I had heard it: Bob$'s intro in Evolution! How could I ever forget? As it had appeared at the start of the video and thus played even when I had downloaded only 10% or whatever of the wmv, I listened to it probably more than anything else that summer (I can remember sitting in the backseat on the drive to our cottage, watching it on the laptop... ahh... itai, itai). ANYWAYS, I guess to reward my memory by giving me something I had forgotten I wanted, someone in the comments linked to this song! I had found it, at long long last! Sure, the Megaupload link is of course dead, so I'm stuck with a Youtube rip, but whatever! It's a start!! Next up: Colorvariation's self-titled album???

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