Saturday, March 19, 2016

Song of the Day #285 - Young Thug - Best Friend

It has been 18 song of the days with no Young Thug

What is the world coming to? This is (judging based on Youtube views) the most popular Young Thug song since "Lifestyle", becoming the go-to Thugger song for questionable mainstream memery like this, and this blog hasn't really spoken about it. Is there any excusing that? Is there really any point to this entire endeavor if I can't even keep up on major trends in Young Thug's career? Let me try to redeem myself.

One of the beautiful things about being a Young Thug fan is that everything he does is so multifaceted, with so many unique and dazzling elements that any one of them has the potential to define an entire image, an entire sound, an entire movement... every line, every gesture, every outfit, every ad-lib, every shot, each and every has the potential to spark an entire memetic revolution. But you can never know which ones, there's just too many, too many things are happening.

Like this song has the famous line "take them boys to school, swagonometry", and yeah, it's great, but am I wrong in liking "Let me tell you how I spent a couple hundreds today" more? Are there any choices in this field? Likewise, everyone seems to focus on the dinner table scene, with his head in the middle and Thugger Jackson, and yeah, that's pretty crazy memorable, but is it that much crazier than the opening scene, where Thugger walks in on himself getting it on with himself, and, perhaps even more confusingly - disapproves? Is there anything logical in how most discussion about the video seems to ignore that the message seems to be that Young Thug is his own best friend? Is it more or less logical than that message itself? How about the bizarre video effects on the guy behind Thug's arms in this shot? Why have I watched this video dozens of times and never noticed that before?

Is there any pattern at all to which aspects of this are deemed memorable and noteworthy and which ones are passed over in silence? This video is a microcosm of that great confusing question, that seems to define the more "in depth" Young Thug studies that I attempt to partake in. I can really only proceed through more examples. Why is this shot, which is sort of a definitive form of a dance that appears often in the video, occupying roughly 15% of my brain all the time? Why is a shot of Young Thug superimposed over it? Why is he wearing two smart watches? Why is there a muted conversation between Thugger the driver and Thugger the passenger where they seem to be arguing? Try to think about the "plot" of this video very hard and get no where and feel at peace. Why is the shot right at the start where the title pops up a bunch feel so poetic in timing and composition? Why is the beat SO GOOD, so delicate, so precise, so distant... Why does it seem like the scene of him and his sisters eating cereal contain decades of fondness and knowing humour even though Thugger is also in bizarre whiteface? Why does this seem like the best and most important thing you've ever seen while you watch it?

I think maybe this is what being indoctrinated into a cult feels like, hahaha. The feeling of brainwashing. Being bombarded with all these images and feelings and sounds, each of them potentially addictive, all-consuming, but when you try to find out what it means, what actually lurks behind these signs, motivates them, there really isn't any meaning, there is just a pit of meaning, you have been completely enthralled and you have no idea why.

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