Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Song of the Day #302 - Lil Yachty - 1Night

We spent four seasons at the Four Seasons twice

Okay Song of the Day is still supposed to be on break until I finish ~mysterious project~ but you know there was no way I was ignoring this, the greatest music video of all time. There's that Youtube channel "Every Frame a Painting" which I think speaks to a sort of thoroughness of dissection that I've always found appealing. Like "every frame is worthy of a level of reverence and attention as a painting in both its functionality in the greater scope of the film, and as standalone art", is I think the implicit message. Of course, this channel doesn't actually dissect anything on the level of a literal frame-by-frame. I also have not achieved this level (yet).

And I'm not going to start with this video. This isn't about that. It's just about the desire for that level. Beyond desire, this video stirs a demand. Every single shot, every effect, every dance move, every transition, every frame of it is worth discussion, preservation, love. You can pause on literally any frame and you'll be in the middle of 10 seconds that should be a gif, and the screen will be packed with fifty things that you'll be burning to understand and explain and generally celebrate the significance of, the quality of, the meaning of...

It's really a miracle of a video. They fun they had making it belies a depth of work that is unfathomable. Again, just look at any frame and think about what went into that. Even the frames where they briefly show Adobe AfterEffects and the production of the video don't do justice to the work they put in. Lil Yachty is poised to blow up, further pushing the boundaries of "mainstream acceptable rap" beyond Thugger and Makonnen. This video perfectly showcases the range and depth of his appeal. I honestly can't think of how it would be improved. Consider yourself blessed to see it in these rare days before a billion views.

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