Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Song of the Day #327 - Burial - Archangel (Rikin8r remix)

Operation Brenter is a GO

idk where to find this song

it's out there somewhere, and it's really good


London, England, hell yes. So many things I want to see and do. So many things I want to eat. I will probably write obsessively the whole time so you can hear all about it at some point I'm sure.

Going to historic cities is nice because there's always this underlying element of "wow, I'm really in [place]". Like you see it mentioned in a book or a TV show and you think wow, when they say London, they mean the same London that I'm in right now! It is a dorky sort of feeling, but a strong one, and a happy one.

For me, of all the associations of London, the strongest is with Burial. Not that his music talks about London specifically, but it represents an emotional undercurrent that I link specifically with London. There are lots of other musicians that more directly align themselves with the city, sometimes celebrating it in sincerity, sometimes rebelling against that same celebration, sometimes celebrating the rebellious underground, and sometimes decrying the whole paradigm. But all of those artists, and all of their fans, and all of their haters, and all those unaware... at the end of the day, they must walk through the solemn London streets at night, sit in harsh fluorescent lighting sipping coffee, get jostled by the last train... and it is here that the music of Burial is essential. This is the spirit that unites it, even when the country is most divided.

So that's all good but uhh probably not actually the most representative of our trip, which will be mostly daytime touristy stuff and not bleak existential nightwalks. Thus we have this exciting Rikin8r remix, which recasts Burial's haunting vocal samples into a many-coloured sunshine jam!!

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