Friday, September 23, 2016

Song of the Day #338 - N-qia - earth (world's end girlfriend remix)

Last Waltz - Prelude

Okay well... I don't really have anything I can say about Song of the Day's absence lately, sorry. There's a lot of songs I'm very excited to talk about but my priorities are like: school > socializing > secret "masterpiece" blog post > fiction > manga videos > song of the day. When I was a NEET, and the first two didn't exist, and the third wasn't rapidly approaching the only sensible remaining deadline, I could have maybe done everything, but I didn't... And through this I know time isn't everything, there is an energy that is depleted too. But sometimes something REALLY EXCITING is happening and, to convey that excitement, Song of the Day jumps up into the achievable.

Something like: world's end girlfriend announcing his new album!!! Yes, it's happening!! It's called LAST WALTZ and from the description it sounds like it might be even more apocalyptic than usual. All of his music seems like it's taking place at the end of some world, be it external, internal, local, universal... Even tracks like this, comparatively "bright" and "stable", feel like they're taking place at the start of some great JRPGesque journey, and thus are a world ending in their own right - the end of the normalcy of life until that point. It's sublime.

I really can't say too much in praise of this mode... hyper-clean, complex, largely orchestral, but still somehow casual... no individual phrasing is too complicated, it feels as much a collection of people tuning and warming up that miraculously combined into something wonderful, a sort of "naturally emergent" pattern. And what more distinct phrases do exist, like the melody at 1:30 which I can never resist whistling along to, are so immediately and irresistibly catchy that they feel natural too, as if they sprung out of some "inevitable" place. Other things are so reminiscent of movie scores that they feel almost like pastiche, but a loving, evocative pastiche. The whole thing has this militaryish energy and gradual arc of growing complexity that pushes it forward through this cornucopia of sounds and memories.

It's just fantastic, please listen to it. There isn't much to compare it to... the only thing that really comes to mind is Aphex Twin's "4", one of my favorites of his. And other weg stuff - the title tracks of 2014's fantastic "Girls/Boys Song" EP (46 minute EP, lmao), some stuff off of the Starry Starry Night Soundtrack... This sort of "future orchestra" song, sounding like if the most "pure" visions of composition were extended into the computer age, and sang primarily the praises of the wonderful world that allowed their existence. I have no idea if LAST WALTZ is gonna sound like this, it could basically sound like anything lol. But this is good, this is what I've been listening to these days, this is song of the day, see you soon hopefully~

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