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Live Review - Fairy Tail 355 - Song of the Fairies

The village is defrosted!
The evil guild Tartarus seems to be behind everything there but... stopped caring immediately? And Flare was welcomed back and all that, so it seems like the job's done for Fairy Tail and they can head on home. Uhh... how are they getting there again? Broccoli-head like, plant-warped them down there, right? I guess we'll see.

Fairy Tail 355 - Song of the Fairies
Scans by mangastream

I don't remember this guy at all lol.

Okay so yeah... they just got back somehow. Well whatever. And yeah those thieves? I didn't think they were like, "sent flying" forever... Uhh... I guess that wraps up everything then! Anyways we're back with Broccoli-head, who I liked as a character. So... good.

Harrod, yeah, this guy. The payment is... potato! Will it be... the total joke route? Or is it a magic potato? Or do they just get a potato, lol. I like how Mashima draws plants.

Lol Harrod gotcha buddy. Oh haha it's one of these chapters. I shouldn't be surprised. Mashima does a celebration chapter or two absolutely every arc. He'd do them for like, Erza buys groceries or something. Okay fine whatever... I like a good celebration... but let's be clear, what this is actually about with Mashima is fanservice, plain and simple.

"Quite the view" while uhh we can see yr butt lol. Seriously though that's some nice background art.

Okay yeah... this is pretty standard Mashima behavior at this point.

Lol. This isn't really even surprising anymore either. Erza doesn't care.

They make a good point this is like the hundredth time they've seen each other naked. Whatever...

Oho? Harrod is in Fairy Tail? Hmmm...

Hm. Didn't see that one coming. I thought Mavis was like the founding member, not one of them. How many are there? I'm pretty okay with this development though.

Haha, he double tricked Grey. Well whatever. Explains why he wanted Fairy Tail, but I didn't really dispute that, what with them recently winning the tournament and all...

Aww, that's kinda nice. The fanservice wasn't even that outrageous this time... Like... relatively speaking.

Nakama! The sacred word! I've heard this 100 times before but whatever. Wait... did Mavis just like, warp in? Lol.

Oh no, they were just thinking of her, lol. Well whatever. This is alright, really cliche, but whatever... The art is very nice, so if you just sort of lull into it, it's quite a beautiful scene.

Ahh... wait though why does this have to also have ridiculous fanservice? Mashima, are you sure you don't just want a job at Jump Square, where you don't have to censor yourself with leaves or whatever?

Ah, potential for major exposition and plot development! But I feel the attention is still on the PLOT.

C'mon man... settle down with this stuff. This is supposed to be important plot information. See look, with that pretty well done scene of the guy spying on Tartalus... you can make new information entertaining without just spamming fanservice.

Hmm... seems like Tartalus could be a pretty endgame type enemy...

Lol. Whatever. Sure. Next chapter is Tartalus arc - Prologue. I'm actually kinda excited.

Yet Another Bath Chapter (YABC)
Okay yeah we get it, Mashima likes drawing his characters naked. Fine. He also draws nice scenery and nature and stuff, and seems to like excuses to do that, so that's all good. For all the complaints that he rips off Oda, Mashima still has really excellent art for a weekly artist... or for anyone, really... and his character designs are pretty good too. Plus I mean I'm not really that upset with fanservice tbh... This chapter had some OK plot development, too... nothing too major but they're starting off the new arc alright. I'm sorta excited to see the rest of Tartalus and historically the guild vs. guild arcs have been the better ones. So... okay!


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