Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Live Review - Naruto 650 - The One Sleeping Will Be...

I think Naruto is almost over too
At least I pray that Kishimoto puts this diseased cash cow out of its misery soon... Let's get on with it.

"Let's go!"... I feel like the last three chapters have just been scenes of people shouting that. Ugh. The art is really bad.

"We're chopping down that big tree"... Kishi... dawg... Oda did that shit like 10 years ago... smh. Are the roots... attacking them? Is that what's happening? And then oh shit lol the samurai. They were so hyped up like two years ago or whatever and then they did shit all since then. Jesus. Samurai ought to be SO COOL but these guys are really lame.

Uhh... linking to everyone's chakra so you can like, mass blink them... uhh... and Orochimaru joins the fight too. Okay.

Let's not reminisce actually, how about we do that? Because I swear every chapter has a pointless two page flashback to something that doesn't matter at all. "They decided on an all out offensive formation?"...?

What the hell am I looking at? Tree dragons? And uhh those guys got blinked by the 4th? Is this gonna be like a regular thing now? Obito is up against a Venser-blink deck? Stupid.

Yeah, mass blink. And now mass auto-regen on AOE too. This is exactly like the last battle in Final Fantasy games where your party is so loaded up with effects and armor and stuff that all you do is just whale away on it for an hour where it bullshits itself into different forms. Difference is in Final Fantasy it feels awesome and definitive 'cause you were the one that loaded up your party... it isn't good writing or anything. Jesus.

"Some girl's voice inside my head told me that these giant ass slugs that showed up out of nowhere said I can keep fighting with infinite chakra!" "lol right on bro!!"

And these two goofy-ass motherfuckers are just swatting around in the air for Obito. The very HEIGHT of battle!

YOU GOTTA BE SQUIDDING ME! Kishi what do you INK you're doing?

Uhh where are you Kakashi? Still just hanging out in your dimension? Okay whatever sit tight I guess. So... Obito is getting a taste for battle and might decide to stop his mass hypnosis-induced peace plan?... Jesus.

CHOKE SLAM! look at those stupid pig-nose tree dragons... man his merchandising team must be losing sleep. GUWA! UWAA! CATCH A NARLY WAVE! We're in the ninja wave pool!! Now you're trying to... "Kill everyone?"

Hey the stupid fox oversoul and Susan-ooo disappeared! That's cool. But um does anyone think that maybe Kishimoto doesn't know how to draw his own characters anymore?

Oh great I've never seen a scene like this before. Wow breaking brand new ground here. Now Naruto casts speech no jutsu and explains how those examples were pretty bullshit 'cause Sasuke is literally fighting right next to him... seriously... Obito are you even listening to yourself?

Seriously, this is a million times lazier than Pain's similar speech, and I was rolling my eyes at that one... this one I just want to remove my eyes entirely. "It's my ninja way". GREAT.

Christ. Didn't they already do this once or twice?

Half of it was coming up with stupid reasons why all the useless characters weren't just dying instantly to whatever else was going on. Then more drivel. Then nothing happened. Then Naruto said "Let's go!" again. Please stop Kishi. I can't think of anything I liked about this chapter.


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