Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I am excited for besides One Piece

OK now that that's out of the way



which is pretty much what i was thinking, PRETTY COOL.

um anyways:

New Super Mario Sunshine TAS video

I think I said I'd keep people "posted" on this, well, here it is!

Pretty exciting stuff. He's getting near the end, I think.

K-ON Movie

So I'm officially two episodes behind in K-On!!. I don't think that's happened... ever. Why have I committed such an atrocious error? Simple: they're going to be part of the KONATHON. Basically I'm gonna watch the whole series with some friends of mine because we are crazy stupid and have time to kill this weekend. I did spoil myself a bit by finding out about the K-ON MOVIE, also known as the greatest thing since this week's One Piece chapter.

"Impossible Soul"

So you remember when I was talking about how I was concerned that Sufjan's new 25-minute long album-closer "Impossible Soul" would be as addictive as "All Delighted People" and end up wasting or at least occupying all my time? Well, I was right on the mark: I've listened to it over a dozen times since then, and enjoyed it immensely every time. One thing's bugging me, though, and it's not the autotune. Far from it, that's my favorite part. It's people's reaction to the autotune. Now, very few people are out and out hating it (although still too many people), but a lot of people are saying "I'm going to have to get used to this" or "I never expected I'd like autotune" or "I initially hated it but now I like it."

I made the point that it seemed a bit like Sufjan was mocking autotuned rappers and such, or at least parodying them, but after more consideration I'm not sure that's the case. I think he just saw the opportunity to make a very cool sound, and no one can deny that it is a very cool sound. He used a (pro)tool that was available to him with no regard for the association or stigma that it had, and it saddens me that people have such a negative bias towards it. These aren't people who actually dislike the effect of autotune abuse, they just dislike the rappers they've heard using it. I mean, come on, guys, get with it, plunge into these things neutrally and see what you actually think of it before it sours you. At the very least, recognize that this isn't going to be like T-Pain or whatever and don't have a knee-jerk reaction to hate it. You really listen to an hour of this guy's work and think that he's suddenly going to nosedive into something stupid? If you're not going to approach it neutrally, then have some faith in the guy. Anyways, that's a little rant.



anyways i think i might start TASing soon, but like... recording myself doing it? The same way I do with ShoddyBattle and Tetris now, except that it's more like "waste time online except now with recording", still, it's fun.

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