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Did you guys know that last Friday, the 17th, was Lil B's 23rd birthday? I was gonna do something like "My top 23 Lil B tracks" but instead I just got sick.


I still may do that post at some point. But something else has happened! They streamed ANIMAL COLLECTIVE'S CENTIPEDE HZ. ANCO'S CENTIHURTS WAS OUT THERE ON THE INTERNET.


There's also a pretty CRAHZY video for "Today's Supernatural" which is still "jam of the far future".

My plan is to in this here blog post listen to the stream and record my thoughts on this first-ever listen. But then I'm NOT GONNA LISTEN TO IT EVER AGAIN until there's a TOP QUALITY version out. By that time I think my memories of it will have faded to the point where hearing again it is something like mythic/post-nostalgic status.


Oh well HERE WE GO.

1. Moonjock
Starting with samples etc. Oh man. I gotta watch these visuals too. Just not gonna look at what I'm typing. Expect typos as a result. This is like the definition of crunchchord. Woah these vocals. What era of AnCo is this? A GLORIOUS NEW ERA? I gotta turn this up. I can't make out these lyrics very well "there's no way to remind me of" etc that seems cool. I love these military style drum things. Panda Bear drums so gdlke. Oh man this is another roadtrip song I always find these lyrics sorta cringeworthy... Oh well it is a "place of passionate memories" for them. Wow this is so... wormy... e-worms. Crazy. Woah woaahahwjhajah the switchup at 2:40 there's this sound ion the right ear that is like perfect beyond perfect. Wow wowowoow. This is so animalistic noisejungle sorta soundsafari amazing. "Run it again and you run it again and you run it out" haha i like that. Wow and the way the drums are coming up here, unreal. WOAH SILENCE? that is a new trick dawgs. so radioaesthetic I like it. B-movie pastiche of alien number stations. The sorta jam behind these "samples" here is so infectious. Oh man and I can hear Today's Supernatural comingaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa **

2. Today's Supernatural
Okay yeah we know this one, I have played this uh... dozens of times already. 81 in the last month and that doesn't count plays on my phone or iPod. Still amazing. Still so crunchy. Still so ruhrurhrugged and raw. I feel like this may be the last time I can be coherent for the rest of the album though since I have sort of detached myself from this song via repetition. The lyrics on the hook have become pretty anthemic to me lately but I wouldn't say they're on the tier of hook (wait no in this genre it's called chorus) anthems on Tomboy. What an absolute supernova of a song. FEELS LIKE THE SUN'S. GOING. DOWN. Title drop still feels a bit "cloying". This track has both grown and shrunk on me in the month or so since it leaked but like it's great where it is. OH MAN, THIS ENDING. SO GOOD> SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. **

3. Rosie Oh
Is this gonna be an inverse of "Caroline No"? A deconstruction? A subversion? Beautiful transition from Today's Supernatural. Oh man. Woah. This is like. What. Ahahaha. This is a whole new.... Is this is a jam? "I'd rather not say no" WOW. AND THEN RBOT VOICE? DEAKIN UR MY BRO. This is like, sillysongcore. So many noises here so nice. This has the structure of a Beatles song. Oh man exactly halfway through there's a real GOLDEN SOUND. I like this sorta lilting pacing style "I'm on my own, I'm on my oooowwwwn". This is like Chores minus the abrasiveness. But there's still some weird new abrasiveness. "Gets on my nerves but at least they're new nerves" - Haters. Wow this ending is beautiful. Like swamp ripples. Another radio transition, is that too gimmicky? Nah. *

4. Applesauce
Woah the sounds on this intro are unlike any other. "I ate a mango?" for real? Is this like the fruits to B-Boy's "Vegetables"? This is a pretty sweet song hah. This is really really AnCo-y, I like it. Getting a nice little jam feel here, starting to feel a bit ham. Woah there was a really cool guitar guttural roar there. Sort of a breakdown here I like the big drums. And then we're back at the start of these fruitlyrics. What is he saying, "I feel like a little honeydipped something"? I think my opinion of these lyrics hinges on that. Oh the crunch coming here. Applesauce nostalgia, Apples = Nostalgia is a big thing for AnCo. This is so sweet though, I dunno, like kid-song tier lyrics. They will grow on me though when I think about them s'more. Woah this end is REAL JAM-HOP 2012 STATUS. Counting man I love counting in songs. *

5. Wide Eyed
Woah. WOAHHH. The rhythm going on here. What planet did this come from? Is this about watching a baby fall asleep? I like how these vocals go, they're going everywhere. I didn't comment at all on the visuals on the site yet because I think that's like a whole nother thing but I really like the ones here I just have to say. Oh man, "what's a change for the better, for a child who learns not to cry?" I think in general if I can get over some sorta acceptance hurdle for this song's lyrics I'll love them. Yeah yeah these lyrics are great. But yeah this thing just jams along and hams along really solidly. "CHAAAAANGE", i like that, i like that a lot. And then here come da full jam we going ALL THE WAY IN on this one. Wow the distortion is like beyond perfect, the way that one like dismantled there, with the laughs, with the echo?!?? **

6. Father Time
Woah so staticky, so glitched out. WOAH. I love this. Island Hauntology. Witch House Avalanches. And then the vocals come in. Oh man. I heard a bootleg of this once. I'm NOT READY. Are you guys ready? Jam of the millennium. A LONG TIIIIIME AGO. I gotta pump this shit like they do in the future. I love this feeling of the song like, warming up, charging up, but like, all the noise is like, contained within it already. It just bursts to the surface. This bridging feeling at 2:00ish oh man, samples etc, A LONG TIIIIIME AGO. Full minimalism which is like any other band's maximalism. And the noises start piling on, oh man, here we go, this is.... Are they gonna go like max jam at the end? It'd even be fine if they didn't at this point. Oh man yeah look at this path change, now like, hyper quiet and like, oh man, this is bananas. This is probably a better ending than full jam really. Wow that was wow. ***

7. New Town Burnout
This is like a fresh start sorta now cause that last one like winked out into nothingness. Oh man I like these drums or whatever you can even call them. And oh man the noise here is fantastic. Woahahahahahahaha I can't get over that and these vocals oh man that is a great technique oh MAN. "When I'm naked"? I have no idea. This is sicker than sick though yo. Is this "coming home from work music"? That'd be okay. Woah yeah these yells etc, I love these vocals so so much and the noise melody it's paired with is simpleperfect too. I love the continuous nature of those skittering drums. And oh man the "oho o h oh ohh ho ho ho"s in the background that is one of my favorite AnCo trademarks so glad to hear it still. This song has evolved into a real three truck beast here. And then it's like, switched up at this stage of complexity, insane. If the end has a real anthem of a vocal line I'm calling this like 150% jam rate, THE JAM'S EGO IS MERGING WITH THAT OF THE EVA-UNIT. The like, bombastic string section, wow how does that even? And these glitchy alien sorta whale calls I love em. And oh man the vocals now going into this drone-moan, that is... wow that is like the evolution of Avey's Down There vocals on some tracks. Another like "fadeaway" jam but again, FADEAWAY, NAILS THE 3 POINTER, OH MAN, THIS ENDING THOUGH, that sorta electronic rifff is AMAZING. ***

8. Monkey Riches
And it continues here oh man. This and the previous track seem like Centerpiece tracks like how AnCo made Strawberry Jam, how Person Pitch worked too. The percussion here is inexhaustible hype. Do you see how it hops around chords and the contrast between that and the fast vocals. MAKES ME WONDER HOW I EVEN WROTE THIS SONG they say and I wonder that too. This is bananas. I like the "eh" calls. i LOVE this pullback sorta thing to reexpose the riff from the intro. OH MAN THE CRAZY GLITCHGHOST VOCALS. "I wanna lie you down"? hmm okay. In general I've stopped even trying to see if I like the lyrics or not, seems unimportant really. Oh man this song has ALL SORTA OF COOL STUFF HAPENNSINGAhahaa I love that the second time they go into this jammy section it's been KICKED UP A NOTCH and then they pull back and reveal something DIFFERENT ALTOGETHER THIS TIME, that is such a good trick. And then the electrosortariffs have this new feel too them that is so exciting. "WHY AM I STILL LOOKING FOR A GOLDEN AGE", wow I DO LIKE THESE LYRICS. And this exposed vocal section. Oh man. And the chords in the background. SCREAMS TOO?? This is too much man this is way way too much. This is going like supernova, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAvey Tare just going nuts, JAM OVERFLOWING, wow. Woah bruv they really did it this ending is so perfect. ****

9. Mercury Man
Oh man what is this gonna be like b-movie superhero lol stuff. Going crazy. I love the fast percussion. I love the vocals. I love this Rocky & Bullwinkle video sample but that is beside the point. School House Rock? I dunno. What the heck is he singing about? I keep making out parts of it and it sounds like... an apocalyptic Sufjan Stevens track but after being wrung through the Christian Science  Show filter. Is he singing about the planet or the element? Oh man though the transition here with those ghostly wails, there really is a bizarre connection to something like Sufjan's "All Delighted People". "It must be somewhere? It might be nowhere", there seems to be an overarching idea of searching on this album. Wow I love these bleepboops at the end. Amazing. **

10. Pulleys
Oh man. Is this the first piano appearance? Owahwhahwoah. This is really quite beautiful, I like the clapping beats. The vocals are so powerful and the way the instrumentation swells and diminishes oh man, such a pulsating forwardmotion sorta jamfeeling, I love. What is he singing about I really have no idea. This is a nice and simple straightforward sorta track so far which is a good contrast, I like this outro, nice spiraling in or out or both sorta thing. And then the vocals kick back up, I guess it is like a pulley? Ending was really sweet. *

11. Amanita
The amanita is a species of Ice Climbers player. Woahahwhwgahahahahahahah hahahahaha this is altogether too much. The sound in the back there I like more than almost anything else on this Earth. The visuals have brought back "the lips", this is a full circle sorta thing. I like the "stops" on this flow. Seriously though that sound in the back that I can't even begin to describe, this is something like sublime. "I'm going hiking/Are you going hiking" I dunno what to make of these lyrics yet. This has a real free unstructured vocal progression, very exciting, very hype to see where this is going. I like the repetition. And now we get like, an evolution. Oh man. OH MAN. At 3:50 something has HAPPENED. OJH AMNUSEHUI HAHAHA OH MAN. CAN I SAY IT? CAN I SAY... JAM OF A LIFETIME? oh man oh man they way they oh man. now they are dropping off the oh man. OH MAN. THAT WAS. OH MAN. GFGOOD JOB. GOO DJOB ANCO THAT WAS... OH MAN GOOD JOB WHAT CAN I SAY SMH HOPOD HOB. that was like the PERFECT refinement of a ham and then this ENDING what can I even say? ***


i'll write more about it later hopefully but for now i just want to "digest it".

other stuff in another blog post.

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