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"This ain't no album, this is a mixtape, real talk" - some guy


Precursor information:

The whole Space Jam phenomenon was like plenty memetic via just the ridiculous premise and the fact that basically every movie from the childhood of "90s kids" is whored out to the internet at large regardless of the quality of any of the jokes. BUT THEN, the trend of mashing up Quad City DJs' megahype hit "COME ON AND SLAM, AND WELCOME TO THE JAM" with basically everything else hit and OH MAN, if this movie doesn't carry a lot of emotional weight with me.


I really hope he samples the Quad City DJs track but I'm not like super optimistic.


LIL B'S 11th MIXTAPE OF 2012


1 - I Still Got Beef
This is a pretty gangster beat. Like, mafia gangster. Sinister as hell flow. "Only I know about those hard times", I believe it. Lil B is on another tier of strugglan. This is like nearly "Task force from the block don't get me started". I can barely here what he's saying here it's TOO RARE. But this beat stays hard and goes harder and harder. "Talk to me I talk back like a parrot", cute?? "Coming out with that Dirty Harry", that goes pretty hard. This is a solid track, real slow and low. "Everybody got beef at the party"? That's intense yo. I feel like we'll see a contrast with this slow n sinister rideout music with some more JAMMIN stuff later. But yeah good good. A

2 - Tell You This
Lil B has been telling us stuff for all time. "Hey bitch, come here, have a great time!", this is awesome, flight attendant Based God. This is real Bay Area sorta flows. Really smooth and steady, "I finesse a bitch", woah. He's getting nice and frantic here. The music video for this was solid too of course. This beat is catchy catchy for sure, real sun and sand and umbrellas sorta bouncy beachtimes. This hook is intense. "Ima tell ya this bitch, Ima tell ya this", etc. And the sample on the hook is smooth as hell. "Life's so good I get mills for free!", "I'm so hood - no one knows!", intense. "I met Based God/That's a fact". The Based Duality of Lil B and Based God deepens in sacred complexity. Still calling people whodie, I love that. Hook again near the end, good stuff. A+

3 - Erybody Kno
Woah woah woah ahwa this is an intense ass beeaat. His flow is like wavey all over and that beat goes just way too hard. Hook just absolutely insane. I love when he starts going so hard it all just like, falls apart. "Tell your fake-ass friend get out my fucking house". THIS ALSO HAS THE FAMOUS STARBUCKS STORY. I listened to that bit a ton on the video. Based God spitting real talk about the girls at the Starbucks. THERE GO LIL B! Looks like Steve Austin. "I'm the only pretty bitch!", going absolute crazy at the end here. This is like instant classic status I think. Great outro too, leaves me wanting more. *

4 - Run 4 Mayor
Runnin' for president, runnin' for mayor. COME HERE! "I might even be player of the millennium, okay." This is a very focused song subject-matter wise. "Bitches such my dick cause I look like Fraiser", that's next level. This is classic Lil B song structure. I love the woops and swags in the background. "I look so good I have to run for mayor", solid logic. This hook is intense too, and man the beat is going PREEEEETTY hard. "I will hold my glock like I'm shooting at the free throw", intense. "Thank you Based God you can fuck all my bitches", that's like, the anthem. This tape is pretty Florida-core, that's pretty swagged out. "Fifteen bitches cause they heard I play rugby" (via "Ryan Seacrest"). A+

5 - Championship Game
This beat is LEGENDARY. Wow. Who made this, this is just fantastic! That like, majestic casual flow, sounds like Young Jay in his Prime. "My gun like a hippie Ima spread the piece", that's a good line. "Old school hip hop with that new vibe", EXACTLY. This like, plodding, like, dang, this flow, I can't even describe it. Just... so inspiring. This is the story of Lil B mentally triumphing over obstacles to the Based Mindset. "This Based Jam, I want y'all to spread the news", will do. "Got sent to the war, but he ain't got no mission", deep ass thoughts. I can't even quote any of this it's like trying to encapsulate a gospel in a single note. "Let's collect some rare art, I love this movement, Based World!", this is historic music in the rawest. I love that off-kilter drum kit and oh man this whole beat is just so so fantastic. S+

6 - Based Jam

TITLE TRACK GET HYPE. This beat, oh man, this beat is preeetty intense. Almost sounds like a iidx song or something, a weird iidx song with someone rapping over it. "Everytime I leave the game it always call me right back". I wish this track was four times longer at least. "Loving magic when we thought that it couldn't happen", D.A.T. (deep ass thought). THE WHOLE WORLD WAITING ON ME LIKE IT'S SPACE JAM. This is real good lifestyle depiction, Based Proust style. Milieu rapping. "I'm coming from the gutter, I'm that pretty bitch." This is like vibey and wavey beyond all else. S+

7 - Warm Ups
"Based Jam, this is a beautiful occasion!" Smooth as silk on velvet. "Welcome to Based Jam, nothing like Space Jam", aww. "I know why he mad, cause the president feeling me". Barack Obama does AMA at /r/thankyoubasedgod. I love the string loops on this beat, it sounds like Avalanches almost? "Only need one mic, and a little sunshine/word to the people going through hard times", soulful, soulful, Nas coming into the light by day sorta flows. We're gonna ride this outro out slow and low, I love it. I love the minimalist like kick pattern, good contrast with the fast ticky beats on other stuff. S

8 - Thug Life
Woah. This beat. Deep space sinister. The cold of the void. Lil B sounds practically demonic here as he tells us this story. And woah this beat kicking up HARD. This flow is like nauseating, intoxicating, hypnotic. "All these bitches on my dick cause I look like Obama". "I'm a hard pill to swallow". Woah this hook is so intense, THUG LIFE THUG LIFE THUG LIFE THUG LIFE THUG LIFE, there's no limit to how crazy you can go when a hook like that comes in. Little party story here, sinister story man. OKAY. OKAY. "All the goons know my name!" "I'm the teacher with the mac". This hilarious, surreal, just like way too deep, too raw. The ultimate rawness of the land between solar systems. I'd love to hear this bass kicking out of some car well equipped for it. And wow the outro, that's so like, NES scary level tier, like, Lavender Town almost. Amazing. AND THEN THOSE BEATS!?!? S

9 - Up And Down
Another crazy beat. The contrast from beat to beat or even like one part of a beat to another is crazy. This is probably the most traditional sorta flow so far, this is that modern Lil B flow. He almost almost has a patois on this??? Nah sorta not. Woah that siren is so appropriate at like 0:50. "Everything is a fucking classic/treat rap like a car, why don't you gas it?" D.A.T. Yessssss. I really love this beat, though, it is beautiful as hell on this beat, sounds like Prince Paul production almost, eh? "I'm lookin like Best Buy", nice. "You a coward with a gun, everybody can pull it", this is all an interesting sort of social critique. Woah man this outro, this beat is SO GOOD, it doesn't even make sense. And Lil B just like does it the best it'll ever be done real talk. S+

10 - Hip Hops Alive
AHAHAHAHAHHA What is this from? I'll think of it right when I'm about to fall asleep. Some sorta cheesy song I like though. Works so so well as this beat. "Now if you saying hip hop dead, that means you dead yourself", he's been saying this on Facebook a lot, it's great. "If you say you love the streets, then you gotta love Lil B", true. "Keep the world on your back, we really gonna bring love back", this is like most positive song, no, the most positive message of mankind. Beautiful, wonderful, glorious Based God, TYBG. "That's just the way it issss", this is the anthem man. Hip Hop has never been resurrected this hard, this is like, everyone is back alive for ever. And oh man the mixups on this beat, this like, increased rawness at the end, wow. And that cool bass line? Oh man. I could listen to this for probably years, it could soundtrack ANYTHING. *

11 - Supposed Ta
This is just hammer hammer hammer. With that Goldeneye gun sound I SWEAR IT IS, that Lex Luger style beat changeup. This hits harder than like things ought to. Methodical plotting music. Sinister but like a punch to da face. "Seminary Based God, I fuck with East Oakland". And then this hook, oh man, not even really a hook but this pattern of stuff he's supposed ta, that's hype as hell. AND I STILL HIT THE COOKING DANCE. But yeah the flow on this is just another world. "Ima play that game like a G supposed ta", magnificent Based God. The end here is hitting just SO HARD. Good stuff. S+

12 - Growin Up (Interlude)
Oooh this has a nice beat behind it, very deep tropical. I don't really understand how this is an interlude cause he's rapping right now but whatever. "The game so sick I was on my mattress.", I feeeeee that. I love these drums, so cute, the piano, daaaang, really solid stuff, and those wave and wind sounds, so so nice. Real for the deal man, I understand it. This is a perfect day for it too, yes indeed. This is about the waviest thing I have heard in a long long time. S

13 - Life Or Death
OOOH, THAT BEAT?!??! We're in this far now, this is real life beats man. I can feel like whole duality of man in this beat. "What I gotta do to stay alive", "We grew up together so I thought I knew em", nice. Lil B encapsulates the sort of ideal of DFW where he's like "the most cliche stuff is the most insightful etc". This is soulful tragic music man. Lil B betrayed. "Mo love, mo slugs". The duality. "Don't be the next nigga smoke away his whole life", real talk. Contrast between Lil B's priorities and those of his friends. This is the realest real talk music around. A+

14 - Locust
Woah this beat, I cannot even describe it, it seems to be at least seven things. Lil B taking a girl down to San Fran, kinda cool. "I'm looking at your chest like a girl that's top heavy", objectification through sexuality vs. objectification for murdering? Robbing the hood wordplay hype hype. This beat is pretty impressive, I like that one drum sound a whole whole lot. "Got a belt from rappin'", cool. "Life too real to even mix it with rapping", insightful, D.A.T. This is like, the greentext distillation of Jay-Z subject matter. Cool. "Fast forward 20 years I'm still killing these rappers", cool. This flow is real talking pretty hard. "Ima keep it positive and keep stacking my mail" "I'm in the ocean/I am the ocean" "I'm not related to the locust", this is some like Based God Proclamations, Based Bible Canon stuff. S

15 - Will Power
Hahaha what is up with this beat, what is even going on? Hhahahaha it works though, somehow, I have no idea how. And oh man the vocals coming in this works hella well. Lil B spilling his guts on this one, sad memories etc. "If you really with this shit nobody gonna forget you", that is such a rare positive message man. Real sincere music here. Beautiful. "Touch a lot of souls and your swag live on", amazing, this is like, Immortal Based God ideals. "You is a factor, you far from an actor", wow man, this is a great like, memorial, real talking. R.I.P. Lil B's friend. Based God is Friend to All. And then we just ride out on this beat, it is pretty slick, pretty unlike most things. I think I might recognize what it's sampled from but geez probably not really. S+

16 - Doin Bad
Woah this beat, these sort of pulled backward chords, that's so Spinning Plates. Woah and then that mixup into the beat proper, nice, nice. Based God getting so passionate, so soulful. "Ridin downtown, niggas all standing strong", Based God lifting up the whole community. I feel like there's abnormally large numbers of baseball references on this tape? BASEDBALL MAYBE? But man this beat, wow, "What you gonna do when you go on a drought now?" D.A.T. Rapping about when the rapping ends. "I'm sleeping on the floor now/Everything's war now". "Dope make me levitate, drugs on the dinner plate", WOW. Realest shit I ever heard. J. Spaceman rapping. And THIS beat. Man yeah, this is like, dang bruv. Daaaang bruv. I still just LOVE the sounds of those string chords being pulled back, that's so Matryoshka too. Did he just lift this loop from an upcoming Japanese IDM album and throw a beat on it? Cause that's GENIUS. There isn't anything else like this. And oh man that ticky drum machine stuff coming in that's so hype and then it all pulls away and oh man. This was like, soulbound. **

17 - Total Recall Remix
Total Recall was a hype hype track so... REMIX??? Oh man. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. This samples Donkey Kong Country. OH MY GOD. I want to cry right now this is just too amazing. I FEEL SO POSITIVE, STILL. Lil B at his lowest. Oh man the souring of that chord, oh my god, the beat coming in, I can't comprehend, my braaaaaaaaain. Lil B protect his memory, Task Force protect Lil B's brain from Illuminati(?) etc. "Total Recall close your eyes and listen to it", okay I will because this beat is a whole new dimension of trillwave. "Based Jam mixtape is the only thing that's real." *

18 - Hit Em Up
Hahaahahaha what is happening on this beat. What is this sampled from? This is just going like kaleidoscope crazy. Wow and Lil B's flow is intense as hell here. This is just wild as hell man and oh man ROUND AND ROUND YOU GO! GO! GO! GO! is just crazy. This song is a one-song party. "Home run. Ken Griffey", BASEBALL AGAIN. "CATCH ME WITH THE BANG!" NICE. Move over Centihurtz this is the most uh nah I'm just kidding Centihurtz stay where you are. This is pretty great though. Oh man the outro too. *

19 - Flexin Maybak
Haha this beat is hilarious, these shout outs are hilarious. This is Lex Luger, right? "Fifty six bitches suck my dick cause I'm John Wayne". LOOK AT ME! Two complete vocal tracks of intense hilarity. This song can't last more than two minutes or else Lil B combusts. "I'm good. I'm great. I'm excellent. This is good." This is real, raw. Yes. I love the stops in the beat too. Crazy. He just straight up TOOK this beat from Waka Flocka Flame and Waka will NEVER GET IT BACK. Hyper than hype. S+

Oh man he's gonna go in pretty hard here I think. Oh man this vocal effect just stabs the base of your mind. Wavier than waves. This beat like mafioso sinister again. "Robo up and I'm ridin up slomo", "Why I got so many bitches I don't know though", this flow is so next level. So many echo effects. This is like the height for Based Delirium. "Imma tellya summ", that's proper English. "I know the game, bro/I am the game, bro/I made the game, bro". "Ima come like robo/cop with dat four-door", and the rest of this verse is just crazy. "You look like something off the video". He's going just crazy here oh man oh man. Beat gets even more sinister with the like chimes and stuff. He's just fucking thugging now. This song like hits the cooking dance itself even if you don't. Ask him. Ask the Based God. He'll tell ya something. S-

21 - You Saved Me
Haha, this beat is adorable. This singing intro is so hype. Oh man such a good final song tactic. Thanking us, no, THANK YOU BASED GOD. Thank YOU. This is nice though man, really nice. He's the angel in the game, for sure. The Saint Based God. "We smoke them blunts every day, just to stay asleep". "Life's about the chocolates, but ain't nothing sweet." Lots of pretty interesting thoughts here. "If I wasn't real, my life wouldn't be the same", this is a confusing idea maybe but it has a lot of depth to it. And oh man THIS BEAT, it is going in two directions at once and it works SO WELL. "Had to sit the world down and say face the facts", real talk on a global scale. Lots of wonderful proclamations. This outro just so so smooth, yessssssss. S

That was pretty good
Nice variety. I wish there were more like really heavy bangers though. And I wished he had sampled Come On And Slam but oh well there was enough other cool stuff sampled. "Total Recall Remix" to "Hit Em Up" is an absolutely crazy hype contrast.






I'll see you guys when I get back from Florida I guess

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