Sunday, April 27, 2014

Song of the Day #3: Giga & Reol (ft. Gumi & Rin) - LUVORATORRRRRY!

Hip hop streak broken with vocaloid stuff

You can expect a return to hip hop shortly.


My friend showed me this song and said it was weird but pretty catchy. "Pretty catchy" really quickly became "totally stuck in my head" and then "the only song I wanted to listen to for long periods of time" and now "maybe the only song I'll ever hear again". And the weirdness like... I dunno, the lyrics are really blatant and such, but almost to the extent that it somehow wraps around and becomes subtle again... you think, "it can't really be that blatant, therefore something else must be going on". Whenever Vocaloid stuff has these really bizarre lewd lyrics there's a strange and fascinating subversive quality where it feels like because the music seems so unaware of what it's saying, you must be projecting somewhat. Denpa music has this all over, too. Of course it's all actually constructed for that effect, though. But yeah it all just goes to making this song super addictive. I love the rhythms, there's just so much going on. I need a stepchart of this ASAP. The video is sweet too. I really like that really "shiny" dark aesthetic.

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