Monday, April 28, 2014

Song of the Day #4: YG - I Just Wanna Party (ft. Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock)

I don't wanna hurt no body, just wanna party

YG's My Crazy Life is like a way less subtle version of Good Kid, mAAd City, I think. Both are a bunch of narratives from Compton that show the good and bad of such a community. Kendrick is way more into the inherent dualities, telling stories that seem unreliably optimistic or whatever. YG just gives it to you straight. Like, compare the intros: A recording of Kendrick praying and all the inherent ambiguity of that contrasted with what follows vs. YG's grandma saying he better not be doing hood rat shit or he'll end up in jail. Or like "The Art of Peer Pressure" vs. "My Nigga", lol.

So GKMC city is a better album in my eyes but this one is still fantastic too, still expertly produced, still sincere, still interesting. Basically it's every track distilled to pure banger energy. That's awesome. Like this one is a way less subtle version of "Swimming Pools", kinda. We get "Dark liquor give you energy" without like, any warning to accompany it. But man, what a great message! "I don't wanna hurt nobody, I just wanna party". Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock go way in, too. It's a great, addictive track.

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