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Who wants to listen to 2 hours of an old man complaining when you can listen to hot new pisscore twice?

(btw if you combine pisscore and Swans you get Yellow Swans and I think this is true no matter how hard you think about it)

If you don't know about pisscore you can read about it in another post I just made here

I'm really really excited about this album. I think it will be a good time with lots of funnies.

Live Review

This is a good cover. That's like... Skrillex, Gumi, MC Ride, Kanye, Donald Glover, Macklemore, Potato-chan from ITAOTS, I dunno who the last two are, can't recognize 'em... I think this review will have moments where I think I should recognize something I hear but I don't.

1. the worst intro ever
Haha it's uh, the rickroll thing. This is a pretty good effect. Man this whole "typing about this album" feels really silly and asinine but I'm just gonna keep doing it. I feel like I haven't heard this song in a long time which I guess means I "won". Wow yeah I like these really noisy things or whatever good effects inaccurate title. S

2. Intro to Piss
This is some video game music I think I can't remember what it is. I have no idea where this is coming haha I just heard the Thrift Store horns. Ha oh geez I feel like this intro is like exactly making fun of the exact attitude I have right now. Oh man this is too funny though. S

3. Breaking, Dropping and Burning a Million and 99 New Slaves. Goodbye.
Oh man wow that was a nice transition. Holy shit this is pretty cool too. I only recognize the Kanye sample tbh. And then it brought in this one beat I heard on the RAPMIXTAPE thing, I can't recognize the vocal sample though. And then A Milli haha oh of course. This is sick oh my god. How? Why and how? But it's so good. It's so grindy and the beats are so solid. And then Piss Spears' rapping from the mixtape. That's really cool that we're getting Piss Spears original vocals mixed in this time too. Haha oh no not Childish Gambino I hate this song this is just too insane what the fuck. I have no idea if I like this any more lmao nah no this is fantastic. And then Macklemore, I just like each of these rappers less than the previous one lol. Naaaaah Jay-Z now with the 99 Problems aha I see yeah okay this is sweet. I feel like I could listen to this like five hundred times and still get excited for when Jay-Z comes in here. I just feel almost disappointed because I'm convinced nothing else on this album will top this haha. ***

4. Million Dollar Skrills
"Yo Skrill drop it hard" is an essential pisscore sample. This is pretty cool, I like chopping up the "drop" and timing it to a more "sane" melody... which I don't recognize but it sounds like some indiepop thing I probably should have heard and then become indifferent to. Yeah this is pretty fun. A+

5. Dank in lel
I didn't know people off of 4chan used lel but that sounds like a really stupid thing to believe now that I actually think of it. I love Drunk in Love and high speed pitched up stuff haha oh man yeah this is really good. I love the drums and the Blood on the Leaves juxtaposition yeah man this makes so much sense this is fantastic. I love when the one track is just pitched up and sped up and left to play unabridged in the background the whole time. Breaking up the horns and the drums and stuff is really addictive too. There's a really good sense of momentum haha Jay-Z sounds so funny. LOL the noise on "anime" everyone loves that line except if they think it's sexist I guess. *

6. Backseat Hardstyle (it's actually closer to speedcore maybe but that's not as funny)
oh shit yes Kendrick stuff wow. I am so excited. I love the buildup. If this goes as fast as I want it to by the end it will be really good stepchart material. The rhythms are really cool and I like how you can still hear the original beat too. Haha yes when he drops the "it's go time" line it gets more breakcorey hah yeah I want a stepchart of this that'd be fun. S

7. S.K.R.I.L.l. Dilly
Yesss I love this verse. "Everytime I'm in the street I hear YO SKRILL DROP IT HARD" ahahahhahahahahahahahahaa. This is too insane there's no way this can be the whole song lol. Oh man this actually sounds pretty menacing somehow. Oh man I'm so excited to see how the beat will change where the beat changes on the original, for the second verse. Hahaaaaaaa yes wow it like plunges you right in. This is so grimey and deep, like, the sound feels all encompassing. Man these Kendrick verses are so good now I want to listen to GKMC again. I like how it's pitched up but I don't think is anywhere that near that much faster lol. S+

8. pocker face
Wow I haven't heard this song in a long time either. Haha wow what is this effect, like, anti-auto-tune sort of thing. This is really surreal, so alien. Pretty cool, I like things like this. The feeling of something moving around tones pretty much at random or in an "anti-meaning" sort of fashion is really addictive to me. Especially when it seems to move at the "wrong time" or "forgets to move", that sort of thing is super interesting. Hah what is this guitar from again? Some dad rock sort of thing, I think? That's gonna bug me haha and then Eiffel 65(?) I think? I haven't heard this song in a long time either. This is too silly. I love these synth chords. S+

9. Pop n' Wei (Will Take You to Kawaii)
Yay Pon Pon Pon, that is always fun. And this is one of my favorite Skrillex songs?? That statement feels like somehow grammatically impossible. Haha oh man this is good, the drops "chopped and synched" (like the opposite of chopped and screwed, maybe) to the rhythm of the song, good idea. Just things on that rhythm have a sort of inherent funniness. Probably would be funny even without the original playing too. I like how the drop is even "dirtier" in a way that prolly would appeal to Skrillex even though it's more of just mocking that idea of "dirtiness". S-

10. ur givin me those dirty vibers.....
Dunno what's going on here at all, lots of things I guess. The title is a reference to something I can't remember. Yeah I really have no idea what's going on here tbh. Fun okay. A+

Hmm wait what is this from again? I can't remember... it sounds really familiar. Some vocaloid thing. This is pretty good, nice "flow" or something, I dunno. Haha yeah that's Aphex Twin in there I am pretty sure, Windowlicker. I can't really recognize anything else though. I like how the Aphex presence is intensifying, it sounds really weird when it's looped like that, really domineering. And now yeah we get the drums and stuff. Cool. The break and the reintroduction of everything at once is a really good technique, it's so exciting. S+

12. A short little moment of quiet contemplation as the album reaches the halfway point
Haha that's uhhh... shoot what was the piano? Oh Imagine, yeah, obviously, lol. And then uhh some brodad rock thing... Queen yeah lol. This is too silly. I really like the "submerged" sort effect on the piano. I can't believe this is happening, finally, a track for all the defeners. I really can't believe this exists though like, this is just too jarring to process. This is like the height of meaninglessness. Good job Piss Spears. I wasn't ready. S

13. Childish Counterpoint
Haha I was bracing myself to hate this but this is just silly how could I hate something like this? It really makes me question the hating of the original song in the first place... uhh maybe I won't go that far. This is such an absurd way to put together a song. Something like this wouldn't sound like anything until so much work had been done already, how do you have that sort of foresight? Haha and then the actual verse is played regularly and it sounds pretty good. Ending is great. S

14. Skrillphet - Kyotto
I don't recognize this one. The sustained note is a really good effect. I hope the latter half doesn't have a lot of Donald Glover though. I dunno this is generally pretty good though. Like I guess he works as a "rapper" element on things like this and the fact that everything he's saying is super annoying and terrible almost adds to the overall effect. Man I just can't get over the fact he keeps saying "worst rapper" it's like god shut up. This ending is pretty cool. S-

15. apparently all she needed was to get low
Okay this already super awesome in just the first 5 seconds. The sheer abrasiveness, the absurdity, the density of the sound. Oh man it just keeps getting better. Yeah this is awesome, I just love that sort of really full sound, it feels like you could get buried in it. The beat here is really infectious too. More Gambino is like whatever because I can barely hear it lol. That little break with the drums coming in double strength afterwards is really sweet too. This is just too strong. Song too strong! This ending is cool too, I love that really blunt intensification. *

16. Gas Pedal (The Rebirth) (feat. $44,000)
Haha what is this, I have no idea. Live recordings core. The transition between their cover and the original is really slick, and the recorder haha this is so good. Haha and then on the hook they come back in oh man. I really like the drums too I dunno if those are in the original, I don't remember I think I only heard this song once or twice. S

17. La Leyenda de Zelda. Batuta de los vientos. Muy triste.
Yay Wind Waker soundtrack. And then hahaha Suit & Tie that was a pretty good verse, I hope he uses Jay-Z's verse. See like I think this is an example of where the mashup just can signify absolutely nothing, I really appreciate that sort of humor, or I guess lack of humor... unless I'm missing something obvious lol. This works so well though, oh my god. How was this discovered, this combination? It's too perfect, it must have been engineered into both of the original shows. Yay Jay-Z. This is just so... cute. Haha. I love it. *

18. Madechineheavenyoshcock (with Rikin8r)
I cannot parse this title. OH SWEET MATRYOSHKA that is one of my favorite vocaloid songs. This is just an all out war on the senses. Oh man dropping it hard over the "hook" that is so perfect. The timing (comedic and musical) on all these songs should be studied at length futilely. And now there's a really crazy sort of sample that I cannot identify at all but it works really well. I like how the catchy melodies and rhythms of the original are somehow emphasized by the masking of them, I have no idea how that works. Wow the drills at the end here are haha oh my god how is this happening? **

19. Skrillex's moon adventure :)
Yay Ducktales OST :) was Piss Spears even alive when this game came out? I love the feeling of something being "spammed" on a song but it also actually being really well deliberated. This is really cool, really fun, yay. I love the feeling of it getting more intense too. S+

Yay Death Grips. I have no idea what this other sample is I gotta look it up. This is 2funny. There can be absolutely no meaning to any element of this song. This is probably what [something] sounds like to [some person] but there is no way to meaningfully fill in those blanks. S

Woah this is so intense, what is even happening? I don't recognize any of this. Wait yeah I recognize a lot of this stuff now, it has emerged into recognizability. Haha sweet Busta's verse on Look at Me Now but even faster haha it sounds so good. I wonder if I could still "play" it in ITG lol. Yeah this is a lot of fun, I like all the fast elements, these weird juxtapositions and stuff. S+

22. Footworking in HELL
Ass. Ass. AHAHAHAAH lol so much stuff now. What is happening. Monster and the Machinedrum beat and a bunch of other drums. This goes back to the style of that amazing third track, I guess for the finale. The whole album has been really impressively structured so far too. I like how unfettered Monster has been so far, haha oh man this breakdown around 1:30 is so good hahahaha oh man nevermind the way they fucked with Monster there was too funny. ASS. There is just so much fun being had on this track. Wow the way the beat switched up for Nicki's verse is really solid, really expert-sounding. Like, what can you even say about this track? It just sounds like way too good for anyone to come up with. The preciseness of the rhythms, the variety of sound, the immaculate sense of timing... how? Amazing. **

23. THE CEILING COULD NEVER HOLD US (with $44,000 and Bobby Zilch)
Okay this feels like it will be pretty insane. I really like these drums with these sparse piano chords. And then the Macklemore beat for uhh "Can't Hold Us" or whatever, which is, if nothing else, an infuriatingly catchy song and then OH MAN HAHA I'M FEELING IT TAKYON haha that was TOO GOOD and then Thrift Shop. This is all out nuclear auditory war. There is so much going on here my head is spinning. These drums are just so hype. I am so glad this isn't even half over yet I can't wait to see what happens next. Haha oh god it happened and I don't even know what did. This is a whole new level of "drop". And then Same Love with heavy aggressive beats haha. Just destroying Same Love via drums. This is so... beautiful... I think that's the only word I can use. "If you want to marry the same sex, that's okay, just like Macklemore said" hahahahaha. So serene... This is making me like that song more than ever before hahaha how does that work? Ridiculous... incredible. **

24. Flandre Skrillex's Theme/Last Brutal Skrillex
Haha yay 2hos pisscore should have more touhou i think but i am a big touhou fuckboi. This is really wow haha the chop/synch but now they sorta remix the melody too, that is so slick. And there's a legitimate counterrhythm and countermelody, how does that work? And then a big transition at the 2min mark, bringing in ol' Mack (i recognize macklemore songs way too quickly now my brain has become diseased). And now the Kyoto verse lol this verse is so bad I love how it keeps getting "dragged out", almost as like an insult, and yet it always actually sounds so good on this sort of track but man "bass makes that bitch cum" haha like holy shit how does someone say that? Oh man we're building here for the big finale... what's gonna happen? Good finish yay. *

25. $44,000 - Smooth Jazz Very Smooth Jazz (PISS SPEARS' Party Rock Very Party Rock Remix)
Haha wow I think this is the first LMFAO on the album. This is good, really frantic. And I think that sounds like uhh... System of a Down? Or something? That can't be right... Oh man this is good though. So catchy, I love this feeling of rhythm. And then the very smooth jazz lol. $44,000 is a genius man this is so good. Somehow this still works as a party banger I think, like, the original function of Party Rock Anthem is somehow preserved... seems insane. Okay maybe not now that we've gone into full noise oblivion. I love it even more though. **

Okay wow
Great album I already feel like I missed the point by trying to write about it might try again later but yeah great job.

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