Monday, May 12, 2014


Welcome to the genre of the future

Pisscore is the logical conclusion of fifteen genres at the same time, half of them making fun of the other half.

Characteristics include:
-"Ironic" sampling, i.e. the use of "stereotypical" samples of popular songs like "Bangarang", "Thrift Shop", etc.
-High bpm/breakcore fetishization
-Long/silly/meta song titles, often reading like a "cryptic crossword" clue where one can extract all the song elements by parsing the title carefully
-Use of juxtaposition that only works against meaning, e.g. on RugStep's "I can't satisfy their taste.", a meaningful lyric is made completely asinine via juxtaposition
-Use of juxtaposition that can have no political meaning, or really any meaning at all, like Kanye West's Golddigger vs. the Mr. Resetti theme
-The sort of thing where you JUST NOW realize that that song is a joke about Mr. Resetti being a "digger", like, I honestly realized that JUST NOW, and somehow the song almost has less meaning now, no idea how that works
-Harsh noise fetishization with the implication that such noises are just the logical conclusion of dubstep etc
-An actually really high standard of quality where the joke never supersedes putting in work making everything sounds pretty professional and often really really catchy
-The feeling that, despite this quality, the music was made as a total whim by a 17 year old in 20 seconds (which is probably somehow true)
-The feeling that, despite all these amazing effects, the music was actually made to have no meaning, emotional impact, or appeal, but not really being able to tell one way or the other
-The spirit of defiance where, no matter how many characteristics I list, my next favorite song in the genre will have basically none of them, or be structured around some brand new ones, and it will still feel like definitive pisscore
-The spirit of defiance where writing so much about pisscore seems like it will intrinsically fail as any sort of meaningful text just by having written this much about it

Basically this is my favorite thing ever. I discovered it when we were googling "piss spears" (the art(?) of peeing off a tall building in cold weather so the pee freezes on the way down and makes a spear) and I fell in love immediately.

Piss Spears is I think the only artist that I'd classify as being TRUE PISSCORE but there's a lot of artists that show up on Piss Spears & Friends project that are really good and really pisscore too.

You can get all these releases here.

Piss Spears discography overview:

I CREATED PISSCORE says it all in the title. This is 31 short tracks with few overall themes but a some nice track-to-track transitions. Lots of vocaloid and Skrillex, which is right in the title of "the point on the album where you realize there will be more ""ironic"" samplings of vocaloid/dubstep than one person could ever possibly handle in a lifetime"... double quotes around "ironic" seems important lol. My favorite track is probably "STRAIGHT OUT OF ASSFUCK, CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER NAMED PISS SPEAwhy do i keep sampling vocaloid music fuck my life".

Puella Foreign Beggars Magica is the Madoka soundtrack with Foriegn Beggars instrumentals. This description is either a) meaningless, b) repulsive, or c) amazing. There's nothing I can say to change what side you're on. For me, it feels like the most likely explanation for this existing is that someone is stalking me and reading my mind and knows what I want better than I do.

MACKLECORE: Sounds Like R. Kelly's Beats is the first Piss Spears & Friends collaboration album, this time themed around Macklemore. My understanding is that Piss Spears made some post that said like "send me all your Macklemore stuff in the next 48 hours" and included what he liked. This is a pretty fantastic mix, lots of variety on every conceivable metric, besides Macklemore, of course, and this underlying attitude of making fun of Macklemore, which I appreciate, because Macklemore really bothers me for some reason. I think my favorite on this one is zzZINGAMT's "macklecore is not quite gay" which starts out with hilarious word transposition and then somehow blooms into a Flashbulb/Aphex sort of parody thing that manages to appeal to me in the same way as they themselves do. "the rite of macklemore's song for the trip to the japanese puppet thrift shop (this is fucking stupid ver.) [well]" is also pretty godly for reasons I will never be able to articulate.

Melanie is just an innocent teenage girl who really likes Gumi but not like bad porn of Gumi (But I think she wants to get it in with Gumi if you know what I'm saying is, I think, (until today, at least) PISS SPEARS's masterpiece. The Melanie in the title here I think is a reference to hrmnzr. This album is really great though, one of those albums where you're sure that every aspect of it will end up beloved, and you're just really excited to explore it more and more. There's stuff like "Clops - A Brony parody of "Clocks" by Cold Play - LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!" and "ムカデ!セーラーふく" that are both a joke and also just absurdly catchy, like, so catchy you feel guilty every time you hear them and you're not sure why. Then stuff like "im up all night to get fucked in the 80's by a glitch hop artist" which, afaik, contains no actual joke but is just a really well done remix/mashup thing of a popular track. This thing has all the high-bpm polyrhythm "fantasize about stepcharts" and ANIME AESTHETICS of DJ Sharpnel, all the inexplicably satisfying "crunch" of brostep, the catchy fun of pop music, everything.

MACKLECORE 2: RETURN OF THE CACK is another collaboration around Macklemore. This one marks the debut of $44,000, who I think is second to Piss Spears in my pisscore canon. Their "everything at once, really fast" attitude is I think the quintessential pisscore sensibility. Another favorite is gorefunpartytime's "bound 2 the thrift shop" which I think perfectly exemplifies something I find really funny but I'd probably need another five paragraphs to explain why. "Lord of the Gay (Death Mack)" is maybe the funniest song I have ever heard. This also has PISS SPEARS's "me rapping macklemore while drunk off my ass", which I find really enthralling and addictive and even weirdly inspiring in a way that I can't explain.

Peezus is exactly what it sounds like: a collaboration album structured around Kanye West. If this doesn't make you giddy with excitement there's something wrong with you. I honestly can't tell what the artists here think of Kanye... maybe I'm projecting when I say it feels like they treat the Kanye music as much more of a "positive" element than they do Macklemore's music... but whatever, it really doesn't matter. This thing is fantastic, basically every track is hilarious or catchy or both. Or something beyond even that, like, looking at tracks like kfaraday's "i am the bound man", or sontuk's "kanye west is the best"... where did these even come from? What sort of insane energy did Piss Spears tap into? Or like how did someone come up with "Gorgeous (eric clapton version)" or "touch the sky (miles davis version)"? But man there's so much good stuff on here I don't even know how I could start. This deserves a whole article to it's own, but I gotta give quick praise to everything by $44,000 and "My Neighbor Yeezus Pt. II: The Path Of Blood On The Leaves", which is an unforgettable masterpiece that you will never forget.

PISS SPEARS RADIO Essential Mixes I haven't listened to yet.

#RAPMIXTAPE I also haven't listened to fully yet but what I have heard has been pretty good. Piss Spears is a funny rapper but actually a pretty good rapper.

PISS SPHERES is the newest release, it came out earlier today. I'm gonna give it a "live review" in just a second, in a new post I guess because this one is getting pretty long.


iconmaster5326 said...

This is an amazing breakdown of my favorite genre of music. I only wish the major pisscore DJs didn't remove their discographies from Bandcamp.

Keatsta said...

Yeah, it's a shame, the shower of releases in the golden era seems to have petered out.

Anonymous said...

Do you have these albums? They are deleted from their bandcamp.

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