Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Song of the Day #23: Riff Raff - Ballin Outta Control (The Neon Response)

Almost forgot to do this today
I got out of bed to do it lol

In honor of Neon Icon's twentieth release date (oh my god I want all those shirts) and track listing (looking solid as hell besides the Childish Gambino feature) here's what I believe to be one of the best rarest Riff Raff tracks. I mean I saw Kendrick Lamar after this song came out but that must have been like Tupac magic sorta thing because this response should have KILLED him DEAD. The first minute+ is just the intro, then there's one verse, one GODLIKE VERSE... I mean, seriously, who else raps like this? Can you point to any other rap verse that's even a bit like this? This is beautiful poetry man like, every line has three or four things I love about it. Every single line. There isn't a wasted syllable. And then the last minute and a half is outro, so you have time to reflect upon what you have just heard.

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