Monday, May 19, 2014

Song of the Day #22: 葉月悠 - Caprice

High BPM Mania

I found out about this song on Friday when I watched a video of a Rynker passing it. This is the sort of chart I can play in my dreams. 4500 steps, 220bpm, streams on top of streams... the song itself is perfect too. It's so simple, there's a feeling of a few elements being taken to absolute extremes. I can just almost whistle along to the organ but I can't keep it up for the entire song, and my leg vibrates the whole time, and I also do this thing that I do a lot when I'm sort of absently listening to music where I click my teeth together in time with the music, and eventually with a song like this my jaw actually starts to feel stiff and sore, and, best of all, there's that other noise, the one that I can't replicate or describe at all, which is the most maddening and addictive feeling of all, you can hear it best after the big buildup into the finale, at 5:15... So I listened to it over and over again on Friday, and then all weekend I had no internet and hadn't put it on my iPod, and now I'm back home and I'm listening to it over and over again, and it feels like if you plugged an appliance into a fire instead of an outlet, and the only thing as good as the song itself is the feeling of relief when you stop listening to it.

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