Saturday, May 31, 2014

Song of the Day #34 - Masaya Kuzume - Forest Stage

Wow video game music is this a NERD BLOG for NERDS?

A bit ago I was listening to "Autumn Sweater" which always reminds me of this. This might be my favorite song from a video game ever. It's just so calm and pleasant, the little tweeting of the birds, and stuff... the bass line is so beautiful, too, it and "Autumn Sweater" just seem to have this very wistful feel... or maybe I'm just projecting the lyrical meaning of "Autumn Sweater" onto this song, I dunno. This game had some excellent music all round, probably in my top 3 soundtracks with Mother 3 and Super Mario RPG. Too bad when you're playing pretty much all you ever hear is the Critical versions of songs when in multiplayer.

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