Sunday, June 1, 2014

Song of the Day #35 - Drake - Pound Cake / Paris Mouton Music 2 (ft. Jay-Z)

Cake! Cake cake cake cake cake!

I was pretty anti-Drake for awhile, I think largely because he's just so... soft. Like I dunno I'm mainly interested in finding "bangers" and Drake seems pretty "anti-banger" on the surface. And when you listen to these sort of tracks they feel really wimpy and it's like, how is this sampling Wu-Tang Clan? That's just wrong. But then I heard Jay-Z's verse and wow man like, that verse is straight banging. So many triumphant and powerful lines, so many solid rhythms, so many things to chant along to. And then I realized that Drake's verse was actually really solid too and all of that all applies to him too. I realized that more just because I was listening to this song over and over for Jay-Z's verse and then I noticed I was rapping along to Drake's verse too, lol. So yeah and then I guess I began to understand the idea of this sort of emotional banger... Just a really slick song, every aspect is infectious, I want to reproduce every sound I hear on it every time I listen to it. The second half is worse but still really good, Drake's verse is really solid, very honest and powerful. So yeah, I'm pretty pro-Drake now. Sometimes his features are still super cringe worthy when he gets like way more emotional than everyone else on the track, and sometimes when he goes hard I don't really feel it... he just doesn't have the sort of energy I want... but overall yeah good stuff, will give chances to, etc.

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