Monday, June 2, 2014

Song of the Day #36 - Death from Above 1979 - If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It

Time for some high school classics!

DFA were a huuuge favorite of mine... I used to listen to a lot of this sort of music, but now this is one of the few bands that still "survives" in my "rotation". Between the EP and the LP, I think I actually like the EP overall. The short songs are so intense, and they have a lot of really weird stuff they phased out of the LP that I love. Like the electronic voice effect on this one, oh man I love that. And the rhythm oh my god, something about the pattern of like, doing one line that ends in the "laaa-laaa", and then the next one ends in "la-la-la la-la-la", in like, triplets... that's so addictive. And then the other roboty voice comes on, oh man, that is just my JAM. I have no idea what they're saying lol. So yeah, not the sort of thing I listen to a lot anymore but man it is fun to put this on and sing along and drum on the desk and stuff.

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